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Coins have sometimes appeared on television.
1. The Andy Griffith Show - Mayberry on Record (1961)
  United States Indian Head or Buffalo nickel
2. Banacek - To Steal a King (1972)
  World crown-sized silver coins from China, Germany, Spain, and a Maria Theresa thaler
3. The Beverly Hillbillies - The Big Bank Battle (1965)
  Jed Clampett isn't interested in a coin album with rare San Francisco 1894-S dime
4. Dennis the Menace Episodes (1959-63)
  United States gold $10 Eagle, silver dollar, Good Luck coin
5. Dragnet - Internal Affairs: Parolee (1969)
  United States Panama-Pacific 1915 gold commemorative $50 in holder
6. Foyle's War - Fifty Ships (2003)
  Various British coins including a gold coin of Edward IV
7. The Fugitive - The One That Got Away (1967)
  Various rare US coins go into the water including an 1894 dime and an 1875 three-dollar gold piece
8. Gunsmoke - The Treasure of John Walking Fox (1966)
  Octagonal California Pioneer $50 gold coin "slug"
9. Gunsmoke - Trail of Bloodshed (1974)
  United States silver dollars and $20 gold coins
10. Hawaii Five-O - The $100,000 Nickel (1973)
  US 1913 Liberty Head nickel
11. Kojak - Deliver Us Some Evil (1974)
  Ancient and modern coins
12. Law & Order - Survivor (1996)
  Ancient Roman Cleopatra coins, Nazis, Karen Allen
13. Murder She Wrote - Always a Thief (1990)
  US 1804 Gilbert Stuart silver dollar
14. Murder She Wrote - Nailed (1995)
  US 1804 silver dollar
15. My Favorite Martian - Gone But Not Forgotten (1965)
  US silver coins and "Martian Identity Disk" which resembles a US dime
16. Ozzie and Harriet - The Pennies (1964)
  US Lincoln cents (pennies), Whitman Lincoln cent album
17. Perry Mason - The Case of the Wooden Nickels (1964)
  Early American and foreign coins, 1861 Confederate half dollar, a 1776 Continental silver dollar
18. The Rockford Files - The Fourth Man (1976)
  Los Angeles coin dealer as hitman, 1970's coin store
19. Route 66 - Eleven The Hard Way (1961)
  US silver dollars and chips on Reno Nevada Mapes Hotel-Casino dice tables
20. Streets of San Francisco - A Collection of Eagles (1973)
  United States $20 gold coins
21. The Thin Man - Fatal Cliche (1957)
  Fictional coins including a "Prince John Tuppence" and a "Teak Arrow"
22. Twilight Zone - A Penny for Your Thoughts (1961)
  US silver coins in cigar box including Standing Liberty quarters
23. Twilight Zone - Profile in Silver (1986)
  John F. Kennedy half dollar in 1963
24. Young Indiana Jones Episodes (1992-96)
  Ancient coins, modern US, French, British coins