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Ozzie and Harriet - The Pennies (1964)
Whitman Lincoln Cent coin album with "pennies"
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This episode of the American television program "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet"
is about a collection of Lincoln cents (pennies) which a man inadvertently spends.
Also featured is a Whitman Lincoln cents blue fold-out coin album.
This episode is titled "The Pennies", and was first broadcast on October 28, 1964.
The "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" ran from 1952 to 1966 on the ABC television network.
It was a family show which starred Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, along with their two sons, David and Ricky.
In this particular episode, David has a brief appearance and Ricky does not appear at all.
Ozzie Harriet Pennies
1. Title
The four Nelsons then appear.
Ozzie Harriet Pennies
2. The Nelsons - Ricky, Dave, Harriet, Ozzie
Two neighbor boys visit Ozzie, knowing that Harriet keeps a supply of cookies for neighborhood kids.
Ozzie Harriet Pennies
3. Two boys with pennies
The boys have a jar with $3.15 in pennies.
They ask Ozzie to bury the jar after having Ozzie swear an oath to protect it.
He agrees and buries the coins.
That evening some friends come over for a Saturday night poker game.
Ozzie is supposed to supply pennies to be used as chips.
He and two men dig up the jar of pennies and use them for the game.
Ozzie Harriet Pennies
4. Digging up the pennies
Some of the men go home with the pennies and Ozzie heads for bed.
The next morning Ozzie is woken up by a noise outside the window.
Although it is widely believed that double beds were not allowed on television programs at that time,
this episode shows the couple sleeping in one.
Ozzie Harriet Pennies
5. Double bed
The two boys are outside with a coin collector penny album.
Ozzie Harriet Pennies
6. Two boys with coin album
The boys ask for their pennies back as some are part of a coin collection.
They are competing with two girls in a contest run by a local coin dealer.
They tell Ozzie that they have all of the coins in the album and that the girls
don't have a 1955-S and a 1954 plain.
Ozzie convinces the boys to come back later for the pennies.
The boys run off leaving the coin album with Ozzie.
Ozzie Harriet Pennies
7. Ozzie holds the coin album
The album appears to be a Whitman Lincoln cents blue fold-out coin album, titled "1941 to date".
These were popular coin albums during the 1950's and 1960's.
Ozzie spreads the album out on the table and he and Harriet start filling the album
with pennies that they have.
Ozzie Harriet Pennies
8. Harriet and Ozzie filling the coin album
Ozzie explains to Harriet about mint marks and mentions that the album starts with 1941.
He calls their son David and asks him if he still has his coin collection.
David replies that he hasn't had it for 15 years.
Ozzie tries to get rest of the pennies back from the other poker players.
He gets some and learns that some were spent at a malt shop.
He heads there to retrieve them.
Ozzie Harriet Pennies
9. Malt shop owner and Ozzie
Ozzie manages to retrieve most of the pennies from the shop.
Ozzie and Harriet fill most of the coin album but are short two "rare" pennies,
a 1948-S and a 1952 plain.
Two neighbor girls come by.
Ozzie Harriet Pennies
10. Two girls visit Ozzie
The girls have heard from the malt shop owner that Ozzie is collecting pennies.
They ask Ozzie if he has a 1955-S to sell, he tells them that he is holding it for someone else.
The girls say that the boys are winning and Ozzie suggest that he buy their collection.
Ozzie buys their coin collection but doesn't tell Harriet how much he paid the girls.
The boys come back for their pennies, and explain that they talked to the girls and are
now going to sell them to the "dope" who bought pennies from the girls for five dollars.
Harriet gets upset that Ozzie spent five dollars, and Ozzie ends the show by trying to explain.
Ozzie Harriet Pennies
11. Ozzie explains economics
Ozzie tries to explain "economics" and "supply and demand".
Harriet is unconvinced.
Ozzie Nelson as Ozzie
Harriet Nelson as Harriet
David Nelson as David
Ricky Nelson as Ricky (absent from this episode)
Billy Mumy as Billy (one of the little boys)
Director: Ozzie Nelson
Writers: Don Nelson, Dick Bensfield, Perry Grant
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