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My Favorite Martian - Gone But Not Forgotten (1965)
US silver coins and "Martian Identity Disk"
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This episode of the CBS television program "My Favorite Martian" features a "Martian Identity Disk"
which resembles a United States dime or 10-cent coin.
Also shown is a vending machine with some US silver coins in circulation in 1965.
The "My Favorite Martian" comedy television series ran from 1963 to 1966 on the CBS television network.
The program starred Ray Walston as the Martin or "Uncle Martin", and Bill Bixby as Tim O'Hara,
a Los Angeles newspaper reporter.
The episode is titled "Gone But Not Forgotten", and was first broadcast on March 3, 1965.
My Favorite Martian Gone
1. Title
The series was about Tim O'Hara, a Los Angeles newspaper reporter, and his "Uncle Martin",
a Martian who accidently landed on Earth in a spaceship, became marooned, and is living with Tim
while he tries to repair his ship and return to Mars.
Martin has various "magic" powers, he can read minds, levitate objects with his finger, and become invisible.
He has a pair of antennae which he raises to disappear.
He has brought with him or has built various fantastic machines.
The series was produced by the Jack Chertok Television Productions and the CBS Television Network.
In this episode, Martin loses a "Martian Identity Disk", which contains all of his personal data.
The disk resembles a United States dime (10-cent coin).
My Favorite Martian Gone
2. Program spaceman logo
Martin is hooked up to one of his devices and has an accident which causes anything his
finger touches to become invisible for a short time.
He drops his identity disk and has to raise his antennae to locate it.
My Favorite Martian Gone
3. Uncle Martin
Martin and Tim look for the device and Tim finds it.
My Favorite Martian Gone
4. Tim holding coin device
Tim remarks that it looks like a dime.
Martin explains that it is his "Martian Identity Disk", which contains all of his personal data.
He needs it to get back to Mars.
My Favorite Martian Gone
5. Martin with modern art prints
Tim's apartment is decorated with modern art style paintings.
Mrs. Lorelei Brown, Tim's landlady, notices some furniture items missing (they are invisible),
and calls the police. Detective Phil Brennan shows up, he is a suitor of Mrs. Brown
and does not get along with Tim or Martin, whom he suspects of being criminals.
The furniture reappears, but Det. Brennan searches one of Martin's jackets and finds some
small tools which he assumes are burglar tools.
He also finds the disk which he assumes to be a valuable coin.
My Favorite Martian Gone
6. Mrs. Brown and Det. Brennan examine coin
Det. Brennan takes the jacket and the O'Hara's to the police station.
Brennan accidently spends the "dime" in a vending machine.
My Favorite Martian Gone
7. Vending machine
This 1960's vending machine would be an antique now.
My Favorite Martian Gone
8. Det. Brennan inserts "coin" into vending machine
Martin becomes upset as he watches his disk disappears into the machine.
My Favorite Martian Gone
9. Martin excited
Martin uses some Martian trickery to cause the machine to disgorge lots of coins.
My Favorite Martian Gone
10. Vending machine gives up real coins
A Washington quarter and a Jefferson nickel can be identified in this scene.
At that time the quarters were made of silver.
Tim finds the disk, a closer look reveals that it does not look like a dime after all.
My Favorite Martian Gone
11. Identity disk in hand
This "prop" appears to be a small version of a "good luck" or "all-seeing eye" token.
The episode ends happily, the police release Tim and Martin who head home.
Martin discovers that his finger no longer causes things to disappear.
Ray Walston as Uncle Martin (The Martian)
Bill Bixby as Tim O'Hara
Pamela Britton as Mrs. Lorelei Brown
Alan Hewitt as Det. Bill Brennan
Director: Byron Paul
Writers: Benedict Freedman, John L. Greene
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