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Twilight Zone - Profile in Silver (1986)
John F. Kennedy half dollar in 1963
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This 1986 episode of the television program "Twilight Zone" is about a college professor from the year 2172
travelling back in time to 1963 to study the Kennedy administration.
He carries a 1964 Kennedy half dollar with him and this unusual (in 1963) item gets him into trouble.
This episode is titled "Profile in Silver" and was first broadcast on March 7, 1986.
Twilight Zone Profile
1. Title
In the year AD 2172 time travel is a routine procedure used by historians the past.
Prof. Joseph Fitzgerald, a descendent of John Kennedy, is a Harvard University professor
in AD 2172 who has travelled back to 1963 to study the Kennedy administration.
Twilight Zone Profile
2. Prof. Joseph Fitzgerald teaching his class
His cover in 1963 is also a teaching position at Harvard.
The date is November 21, 1963, and a "Time Doctor" Dr. Kate Wange appears to check on him.
Twilight Zone Profile
3. Dr. Kate Wange, Time Doctor
Prof. Fitzgerald carries a Kennedy half dollar and a watch which connects him to the time service.
The professor plans to travel to Dallas to watch the assassination and then return to his own time.
Twilight Zone Profile
4. The professor's Kennedy half dollar
This coin does not look real and it is probably a prop coin.
Twilight Zone Profile
5. The professor's Harvard ring
The ring has a time travel device which will return the wearer to AD 2172.
The professor travels to Dallas and, overcome by emotion, interferes with the events.
John Kennedy survives, and the professor is taken into custody by Secret Service agents.
The professor is flown to to the White House with Kennedy.
On the plane, a Secret Service agent finds the half dollar on the floor.
Kennedy is informed that Russia's Premier Khrushchev was assassinated and that the
Russians have attacked Berlin.
In Washington, the professor is kept at the White House.
He checks his time watch which informs him that what he has set in motion will cause
a nuclear war to occur and the only fix is to end the Kennedy presidency.
Twilight Zone Profile
6. The professor meets with Kennedy
Meanwhile, the Secret Service agents are looking at the professor's half dollar,
discussing what it is, counterfeit, illegal, a joke piece produced by Kennedy's brothers,
or the Republicans.
One agent says it is "against US policy to mint the image of any living president" and
that the coin would be a "felony".
The agents become suspicious of the professor and his new friendship with Kennedy,
some think that he could be some kind of Soviet agent.
The agents also check his camera and find that while it looks like a 1960's camera from
the outside, it is made of "some wierd alloy" and "they cant even open it up".
The professor tells Pres. Kennedy who he really is and explains what he has caused,
and what must be done about it.
He uses his camera to project three-dimensional images of Dallas to prove what he says.
The professor gives Pres. Kennedy his Harvard ring which causes Kennedy to dissappear.
Twilight Zone Profile
7. Dallas
The professor appears in the car in place of Kennedy, and is, of course, shot and killed.
Twilight Zone Profile
8. Dr. Wange explains things
Dr. Wange tells the agent that the time disruptions have been fixed.
Twilight Zone Profile
9. Harvard University in AD 2172
Harvard has a new professor on it's staff.
Lane Smith as Prof. Joseph Fitzgerald
Andrew Robinson as President John F. Kennedy
Barbara Baxley as Dr. Kate Wange
Louis Giambalvo as Raymond Livingston (Secret Service agent)
Director: John Hancock
Writer: J. Neil Schulman
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