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Murder She Wrote - Nailed (1995)
US 1804 silver dollar
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This episode of the CBS television program "Murder She Wrote" features an 1804 silver dollar
a very rare United States coin.
The "Murder She Wrote" mystery television series ran from 1984 to 1996 on the CBS television network.
The program starred Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher, a retired teacher living in a Maine coastal town.
She writes mystery novels and solves crimes.
The episode is titled "Nailed", and was first broadcast on September 21, 1995.
It is set in New York City.
The same silver dollar appeared in a previous episode, "Always a Thief".
Murder She Wrote Nailed
1. Title
Jessica is in New York City and is getting her hair done at the "Antoinette on Fifth" salon.
Murder She Wrote Nailed
2. Jessica gets her hair done
Ralph is a sleazy financier who is married to Kathy, an heiress.
He has been supplying Billy, a burglar, with information from the salon on when customers
will be attending events and thus will be out of their apartments.
Ralph wants to open a salon with Jimmy, Antoinette's celebrity hair stylist, and he needs money.
He asks his wife to loan him an 1804 silver dollar, worth $400,000, which has been in her family
since her great-great-grandfather recieved it and founded the company which has made her wealthy.
Murder She Wrote Nailed
3. Kathy hands Ralph the silver dollar
Ralph takes the coin to Allie who makes him a copy of it.
Allie then gives Ralph both dollars, the real and the fake.
Murder She Wrote Nailed
4. Allie hands Ralph the fake dollar
Both dollars are then shown.
Murder She Wrote Nailed
5. The fake and the real
The red holder has the fake dollar and the black holder has the real dollar.
They are obviously prop coins, not real 1804 dollars, which are not only rare but famous.
Max Mehl, a Texas coin dealer, ran advertisements for many years mentioning the coin.
Allie warns Ralph that the fake is not very good and that a collector could spot it.
Ralph hands the fake to his girlfriend Nancy, a television show hostess, as collateral
for a loan that she is giving him to open his salon.
The burglar Billy breaks into Nancy's place and steals the dollar.
Later he finds that it is a fake.
Murder She Wrote Nailed
6. Another view of the dollar
Kathy has found out about her husband's affair with Nancy.
Kathy and Nancy have known each other for a long time, since they were high-school cheerleaders.
Ralph is found murdered, stabbed by a pair of scissors, police detective Sam Kriley and Jessica
get to investigate.
Jessica, who now has years of experience and a reputation in these matters, figures out who did it.
She asks her friend, a salon employee and writer, to tell people that the murderer left something
at the scene.
Jessica finds Kathy and Nancy searching the scene and gets her girls.
Murder She Wrote Nailed
7. Kathy and Nancy busted
It seems that while the ladies were rivals for Ralph, neither liked him, and when Kathy
confronted Ralph with his latest affair and Nancy about the fake dollar, he became violent
and attacked them and one of them picked up a pair of scissors.
Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher
John O'Hurley as Ralph Stafford
Vic Polizos as Lt. Sam Kriley (police detective)
Daphne Ashbrook as Kathy Stafford
Denise Gentile as Nancy Rayburn
Director: Anthony Pullen Shaw
Writer: Donald Ross
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