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Kojak - Deliver Us Some Evil (1974)
Ancient and modern coins
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This episode of the CBS television program "Kojak" included some ancient Greek and Roman coins.
Lieutenant Theo Kojak is a Greek-American New York City police detective.
This episode is titled "Deliver Us Some Evil" and was first broadcast on February 13, 1974.
The episode is about a pharmacy deliveryman who gets involved with a group of criminals who
plan to rob the residence of a wealthy elderly woman.
Included in the loot is a large valuable rare coin collection and some art.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
1. Title
Kenny Soames is a pharmacy delivery man who has a pretty and expensive girlfriend.
He knows about numismatics and rare coins and sometimes burglarizes residences for them.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
2. John Ritter as Kenny Soames
Kenny has just tried to sell an ancient coin to a criminal fence.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
3. Note
Kenny has a list of coins to steal from an apartment, a "Syracuse decadrachm 75 BC",
"Roman aureus Elagabalus 103 AD", and a "Roman aureus Blagablus 150 AD".
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
4. Old fashioned coin storage and display case
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
5. Picking out a coin
While in the the apartment, Kenny is confronted by an elderly woman,
and when she tries to call the police, he kills her.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
6. Kojak arrives
The killing brings in Kojak, who interviews the woman's husband.
His wife had a coin collection inherited from her father, the husband finds that a valuable coin is missing.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
7. Coin tray with missing coins
Missing is a "Roman Aureus Blagablus, worth $9,000".
The thief left a more valuable Syracuse Dekadrachm, "worth $30,000".
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
8. Van Heusen
Van Heusen is a fence who directs Kenny to coin collectors and buys the coins he steals.
Kenny takes his loot to the fence who refuses to buy it because of the killing.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
9. Closeup of the coin
It appears to be similar to a Roman Empire denarius of Elagabalus.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
10. Hammer time
Van Heusen dramatically takes a hammer to the stolen coin to "destroy the evidence",
then suggests that Kenny join a much bigger heist he and his criminal associates have planned.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
11. Hammered coin
I hope that the prop was a fake.
I really do.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
12. Unhappy Kenny
"I had to kill to get that!"
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
13. Kojak thinking
Kojak's detectives guess that the thief is a coin collector,
compare names of delivery people with coin magazine subscribers,
and find Kenny is having coin magazines being sent to his girlfriend.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
14. Kenny and Dede
Kenny has a girlfriend Dede, who knows Van Huesen.
She persuades him to join the job, then with their share of the money,
they can move to Argentina and live happily ever after.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
15. Kenny and Mrs. Farenkrug
Kenny delivers oxygen cylinders to Mrs. Farenkrug, an elderly woman living in a large mansion.
The late Mr. Farenkrug left a lot of art, jewelry, and supposedly barrels of rare US coins.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
16. Kenny cases the mansion
Kenny arrives with a delivery, and persuades Mrs. Farenkrug's maid to give her some
extra-strong sleeping pills so that the maid can have the night off.
He looks around the place, finds the locations of paintings, jewelry, and coins.
The coins are in wooden barrels, unusual storage for rare coins.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
17. Lots of stuff here
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
18. Kojak and assistant
A detective has been following Dede, who has visited an Argentine consulate asking for visas
for herself, Kenny, and some other men.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
19. Kenny and Dede together
Kenny gets a call from Van Huesen that the theft is going to happen.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
20. Fences holding a summit meeting
One handles jewelry, one handles art, and Van Huesen gets the coins.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
21. Kojak arrives in his Buick
Kojak meets a former coin thief who is now working as a consultant to a museum.
He tells Kojak that he has heard that a "big job" is being planned.
His detectives then inform him about Kenny's coin magazines.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
22. Kenny's coin magazines
The top magazine has an article on "Liberty Nickel Series".
Some detectives now follow Kenny, he leads them to the mansion, the men arrive for the robbery,
examine the goods, and load them into a van and drive off, arriving at a warehouse.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
23. Kenny hauling a barrel
Supposedly the late Mr. Farenkrug kept rare coins in barrels.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
24. Van Heusen checking a coin from the barrel
Apparently not a good place to store coins.
Kojak and his detectives arrive to arrest the crooks.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
25. Kojak and the cops show up
Dede apparently is not in on the actual job.
Kojak Deliver Us Evil
26. Busted!
Kojak poses with two of the fences as a finale.
Telly Savalas as Lt. Theo Kojak
John Ritter as Kenny Soames
Ruth McDevitt as Mrs. Farenkrug
Karen Lamm as Dede
Director: Charles S. Dubin
Writers: Abby Mann, Robert M. Young
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