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The Fugitive - The One That Got Away (1967)
Rare US coins go into the water including a rare 1894 dime
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This episode of the ABC television program "The Fugitive" shows a woman tossing various
rare US coins into the water after discovering that her swindler husband has acquired another wife.
"The Fugitive" series ran from 1963 to 1967.
Dr. Richard Kimble is wrongly convicted of murdering his wife and escapes from a train carrying him to prison.
He wanders the country searching for the "real killer", a one-armed man.
He is pursued by police Lt. Gerard, however Gerard does not appear in this episode.
This episode is titled "The One That Got Away" and was first broadcast on January 11, 1967.
Dr. Kimble is working on a boat near San Diego, California.
Anne Francis hires the boat to take her to Mexico where she is to meet her husband Charles Drake,
an American who stole $250,000 several years ago and has been living in Mexico.
Charles Bronson is an American police officer who is placed on the boat as the captain as the
authorities now believe that Anne is taking the money to her husband.
The Fugitive
1. Title
For men who go down to the sea in ships, time ashore is precious - measured in minutes.
For this man, it is measured in apprehension and danger.
His name is Richard Kimble; he's a fugitive.
Anne Francis meets Dr. Kimble, who is using another name.
The Fugitive
2. Anne meets Kimble
Later she meets police agent Charles Bronson who is the new captain of the boat,
supposedly the actual captain had a family emergency.
The Fugitive
3. Anne meets Charles Bronson
The boat head for Mexico and a fire onboard injures Bronson, who has learned Kimble's real identity.
Anne sends Kimble to the hotel where Drake is staying.
The Fugitive
4. Kimble at the hotel
He encounters a different "Mrs. Drake" and also picks up a note meant for Bronson
with Kimble's identity as a fugitive.
The Fugitive
5. Charles' second wife
Charles Drake comes to the boat to meet his wife leading to a happy reunion, at first.
She tells him that she converted the $250,000 to rare coins and brought them in a purse.
She explains that they look like ordinary change.
The Fugitive
6. Anne meets Drake
Charles Bronson pulls a gun and tells the pair and Kimble that the Mexican police are coming to
take them to hand them over to the American police.
Kimble tells Anne about the second wife, she becomes upset and throws one of the coins into the water.
The Fugitive
7. Anne throws the first coin
Anne recites the coin's value "1894 Liberty Head Dime, $12,500".
The Fugitive
8. Splash
Charles comes up with a story about the other woman which Anne doesn't believe.
The Fugitive
9. Anne shows the second coin
The second coin goes into the water, "1875 Philadelphia three dollar gold coin, $19,000".
Charles comes up with a more far out explanation for the girlfriend and the rest of the coins
go into the water.
The Mexican police arrive, but Kimble manages to get away.
The others are taken to the hotel in town.
The Fugitive
10. Anne and Charles busted
Anne tells Bronson that he can hire some Mexican boys who dive for coins to find the ones she tossed.
Kimble is still a fugitive.
Somewhere back across the border is a one-armed man.
Until he is found, there can be no reprieve from fear.
Richard Kimble remains what he is today: a fugitive.
David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble
Barry Morse as Lt. Philip Gerard
Anne Francis as Felice Greer
Charles Drake as Oliver Greer
Charles Bronson as Ralph Schuyler
Director: Leo Penn
Writers: Philip Saltzman, Harry Kronman
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