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Foyle's War - Fifty Ships (2003)
Various British coins including a gold coin of Edward IV
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This episode of the television program "Foyle's War" shows various collector coins.
"Foyle's War" is a British Independent Television (ITV) program which ran from 2002 to 2015.
Christopher Foyle is a middle-aged police detective in Hastings, Britain during World War II.
He is assisted by Paul Milner, a younger policeman and by Samantha Stewart, a uniformed driver.
This episode is titled "Fifty Ships" and was first broadcast on November 16, 2003.
Foyle works on various cases, one involves looting from bombed buildings.
This is the segment with coins and a discussion of old collector coins.
He also tracks down a German spy and a murder involving a visiting American businessman.
Foyles War Fifty Ships
1. Title
This episode is set in September 1940 when Britain and Germany were at war and Germans have
been dropping bombs all over Britain.
Samantha has been living in a country house.
Foyles War Fifty Ships
2. Old country house
The house is hit by a bomb during the night.
Some men from the Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) search the house.
One of the AFS men is looking for loot.
Foyles War Fifty Ships
3. AFS looter finds box
The looter opens the box and finds old coins.
Foyles War Fifty Ships
4. Box of coins
A silver coin with Queen Victoria on it, probably a florin or two shilling coin is prominent.
Policeman Milner posts a sign warning looters that they might be executed.
Foyles War Fifty Ships
5. Looting warning sign
Foyle comes out to see how Samantha is doing.
Foyles War Fifty Ships
6. Foyle and Milner
Samantha works for Foyle as a driver and helps out in general.
She is wearing the uniform of the Mechanised Transport Corps, a women's organization
whose members drove cars and trucks.
Foyles War Fifty Ships
7. Samantha Stewart
Samantha introduces Foyle to Mrs. Harrison, her landlord.
Mrs. Harrison tells Foyle that some valuable coins which belonged to her late husband Jack are missing.
"There were coins in there that dated back to the Normans"
"Jack always said it would be a nice nest egg for me".
There has been looting at other places where an AFS detachment run by a man named
Jamieson has been, and his group becomes a suspect.
At Jamieson's warehouse:
Foyles War Fifty Ships
8. Jamieson Warehouse
The crooks are alone and one man is playing with a gold coin.
Foyles War Fifty Ships
9. Man spinning gold coin
The man then reads the coin inscription "EDWARD I V - Who's that".
Edward IV was King of England from 1461 to 1483 except for a brief period in 1470 to 1471.
He had several types of gold coins made of various sizes.
They have names like "Angels", "Nobles", "Ryals", and some are quite valuable to collectors.
Foyles War Fifty Ships
10. Who is Edward I-V?
Jamieson replies "Edward the Fourth, you idiot".
Foyle and some policemen head out to Jamieson's warehouse to question him and search the warehouse.
Foyles War Fifty Ships
11. Foyle and Milner questin Jamieson
Jamieson angrily denies stealing anything.
The police search the warehouse and find nothing.
Foyle and his crew work on his other cases and later he has an idea about Jamieson's place.
The only items missing from houses are items which are safe in water.
The police return to the warehouse for another search.
Foyles War Fifty Ships
12. Milner, Foyle, Stewart arrive for another search
The goods are found in a water tank and a policeman dumps them out.
Foyles War Fifty Ships
13. The loot is found
A Queen Victoria silver coin appears among the loot.
Jamieson is taken to the police station for interrogation.
Foyle warns him that he might be executed for looting and he confesses.
Foyles War Fifty Ships
14. Jamieson confesses
Foyle then deals with his other cases, the German spy and the murder.
Michael Kitchen as Christopher Foyle
Honeysuckle Weeks as Samantha Stewart
Anthony Howell as Paul Milner
Director: Giles Foster
Writer: Anthony Horowitz
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