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From Around the World
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Various non-official tokens, medals, and medallions.
All cities, towns, and locations are in California unless otherwise stated.
Masonic coins and tokens can be found here.
1. Hopalong Cassidy Good Luck Coins
2. Roy Rogers Good Luck Coins
3. The Ushers Astrology Zodiac Coins
4. Lost Dutchman Mine Slug Medal
5. California Gold Discovery Centennial Slug Medals
6. Scientology Patron Pin
7. Automobile Daredevils
8. Billiken Good Luck Coins
9. British Game Counters
10. Brothel Tokens
11. Bullion Silver and Copper Rounds
12. California Shopping Malls
13. Casino Gambling Chips
14. Company Stores
15. Don't Worry Club
16. Egyptian Fays Mascot
17. Egyptian Style
18. Johnson Smith Egyptian
19. Mardi Gras (New Orleans) Krewes
20. Play Money and Spiel Marke
21. Space Men
22. Transit Tokens
23. Wooden Nickels
24. Woodmen of the World
25. Aladdin's Castle Arcade Games
26. Auburn California Souvenir Coin Gold Rush Days 1966
27. Baldwin and Howell Development San Francisco
28. BART San Francisco-Oakland Trans Bay Tube 1969
29. Beatles 1964 US Tour Medal
30. Benicia Camel Barn Museum
31. Breuners Furniture 1930's
32. Cal-Neva Club Casino (Reno and Lake Tahoe, Nevada)
33. California Diamond Jubilee Medallion 1850-1925
34. Cascarets Laxative Angel
35. Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Arcade Games
36. Clear Lake (Iowa) Centennial Medallion 1851-1951
37. Colonial Mutual Fund
38. Columbia Budget Store (Long Beach)
39. Copper Clad Crank Stove Good Luck Coin
40. Death Valley National Monument
41. Decision Meter
42. DogPatch (Arkansas) USA Theme Park (Little Abner Comic Strip)
43. Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy Magic Coins
44. Egyptian Tea Room (Louisville) Encased 1931 Lincoln cent
45. El Cerrito Golden Anniverary Medal 1967
46. Ellsworth (Iowa) Centennial Medallion 1880-1980 Wild Turkey
47. Excelsior Shoe Company and Boy Scout
48. Fascination Arcade Game
49. Fremont High School (Sunnyvale) Wigwam Club
50. Frontier Village Theme Park (San Jose)
51. Hill-Billy Village (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee)
52. Jake the Alligator Man and Marsh's Free Museum (Washington)
53. Knights of St. John of Jerusalem and Malta
54. Knotts Berry Farm (Buena Park)
55. Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
56. Leon and Eddie's Nightclub (New York)
57. Los Angeles Railways Street Cars 1937
58. Lucky Buddha Zolar Astrological Coins
59. Marine World Africa USA
60. Max Mehl Legendary Texas Coin Dealer
61. Mengin (Mangin) of Paris Crayon Mengin
62. Merchandise Mart Bank (Chicago) Encased 1956-D Lincoln cent
63. Miracle Horse System Betting Advertisement
64. Mission San Luis Obispo or Valley of the Bears
65. Mission Village Auto Court (Los Angeles)
66. Mueller Liquor (Moline, Illinois) Dont Worry Club
67. Palmolive Peet Soap and Detergent
68. Pony Express
69. Radiant Eagle Game Counters
70. Ripleys Believe It or Not (San Francisco)
71. San Francisco Examiner Newspaper 1925
72. Santa Cruz Boardwalk Arcade Games
73. Shepherd of the Hills (Branson, Missouri)
74. Sigma Chi Fraternity 1915 National Convention (Berkeley)
75. Stork Club (New York) Encased 1945 Lincoln cent
76. Straw Hat Pizza Arcade Games
77. Town & Country Village Shopping Centers
78. Union Pacific Railroad Aluminum Lucky Pieces
79. University of California Berkeley Student Store (Cal Bear)
80. Weeki Wachee Springs (Florida) Mermaid Park
81. Winchester Mystery House (San Jose)
82. Worcester Salt Company
83. World of the Unexplained (San Francisco)
84. US National Parks Medals
85. US Mint and Treasury Department Medals
86. US Government Medals honoring various groups and individuals
87. US Mint American Arts Gold Medals
88. US President Mint Medals
89. US President Political Items
90. US President James Monroe Film Prop Coins
91. US President Franklin D. Roosevelt Political Coins
92. US President Franklin D. Roosevelt "Lucky Tillicum" Coins
93. US President Johnson and Goldwater 1964 Art Craft Medals