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United States and World Currency Notes
Advertising, Promotional, Notgeld
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A few examples of paper money
1. Ham and Eggs California 1938 Parody Note
  California 1938 Depression ballot initiative
2. Paterson New Jersey 1878 Personal Check
  A. B. Woodruff to James Inglis Junior for $18.00
3. Emperor Gene Nelson Radio Disk Jockey Note
  San Francisco Radio Station in the early 1960's
4. El Cerrito Plaza "Phunny Money" Promotional Notes
  California Shopping Center 1960 promotional items
5. Emperor Norton II 1973 Note
  San Francisco's famous Emperor Norton successor
6. Signed Notes (Short Snorters)
  US one dollar silver certificate, France, Netherlands
7. United States Notes
  Large size, Hawaii Overprint, Fractional
8. Mexican Revolution 1910-1925 Notes
  Chihuahua, Sonora, and Sinaloa state governments
9. Germany Post World War I Notgeld African Explorer Notes
  Paul von Lettow and Hermann von Wissmann
10. China Republic Nationalist 1949 Silver Dollar Notes
  China Republic, Canton, Chungking