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A few coin-related stories.
1. The World War II Hesse Crown Jewels Robbery
  Germany Prussia gold 1888 10 Marks
2. John F. Kennedy "Good Luck" Gold Coin
  Clare Boothe Luce gift to World War II Navy Officer
3. Mark Twain's Turkish Penny and the Gold Napoleon
  He tries to retrieve a gold coin mistakenly given to a beggar
From A Tramp Abroad (1880) and The Innocents Abroad (1869)
4. Berkeley California Masonic Penny
  Royal Arch Masons Grand Chapter Convention, San Francisco, April 18, 1906
5. Monroe Doctrine 1923 half dollar
  A Hollywood studio group's creation in response to various scandals
6. Forever Amber and King Charles II
  "My tail's for sale. Half-a-crown will lay me down!"
7. A visit to where my Byzantine coin was made
  Constantinople Golden Gate Bronze Coin Mint
Castle of the Seven Towers, Yedikule, Istanbul
8. Roman Antoninus Pius Dacia sestertius
  Identifying this coin turned into an adventure
Not in standard ancient coin catalogs RIC or Cohen
9. The Sacred Black Stone of Elagabal
  Roman Coin celebrates an Ancient Syrian Religion
10. British India one anna coin altered to 1/4 rupee
  Somebody made a small profit
11. Bulgaria 10 leva with the Madara Horseman
  King Khan Krum Kills Kitty
12. South Africa Mint 1964 Price List
  Proof sets and uncirculated coins from the Pretoria Mint
13. Central Bank of Ireland 1966 Mail Order to California
  Ireland/Éire 1966 10-shilling Easter Rising Patrick Pearse
14. Lava Coin
  Italian coin embedded in piece of volcanic lava, possibly a souvenir from Mt. Vesuvius or Mt. Etna