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British India Altered One Anna Coin
Somebody made a small profit
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The Coin:
India anna 1917 Altered
1. British India 1 anna 1917
The Story:
I acquired this coin sometime in the 1960's from a California dealer's foreign coin box.
I examined it later and saw that it was a 1917 British India 1 anna coin filed
down to the size of a 1/4 rupee coin.
Who ever did it even inserted edge reeding to make the coin feel authentic.
As there were 16 annas to the rupee, this alteration quadrupled the value.
The anna was then worth around US 3¢ so the person made a 9¢ profit.
This is an unaltered one anna coin:
India anna 1933
2. British India 1 anna 1933
India anna 1917 Overlay
3. British India 1 anna 1933 overlayed by altered 1917 anna
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