BrianRxm Coin Stories 14/15
Central Bank of Ireland 1966 Coin Order
Ireland/Éire 1966 10-shilling Easter Rising Patrick Pearse
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The Coin:
Ireland Bank Coin
1. Ireland/Éire 10 shillings 1966 Easter Rising 1916 commemorative
Patrick Pearse / Pádraig Pearse.
The Story:
In 1966 I was a teenager living in California and had been into coins since 1964.
I had been ordering coins from various foreign banks and mints.
I ordered two of the Ireland 1966 Patrick Pearse 10-shilling silver coins from the
Central Bank of Ireland, they were sent to me via registered mail, and arrived in
California on June 6, 1966 (6-6-66).
The envelope:
Ireland Bank Envelope
2. Central Bank of Ireland Registered Mail Envelope
The note which came with the coins:
Ireland Bank note
3. Bank of Ireland note
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