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The Quiet Man (1952)
Gold coins as part of a wedding dowry
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The 1952 Republic Pictures film "The Quiet Man" is set in Ireland and shows some gold coins
as part of a woman's wedding dowry.
The film is about an Irish-American prizefighter who retires and buys a house in Ireland.
He meets and later marries a local woman. He discovers that her brother is holding a large sum of her
money and that he will have to fight the brother to retrieve her money, which is in the form of gold coins.
The film stars John Wayne as Sean Thornton, a fighter known in America as "Trooper Thorn",
and Maureen O'Hara as Mary Kate Danaher, a local girl he courts and marries.
The film is set in the early 1950's and was filmed on location in Cong, County Mayo, in the
Republic of Ireland. A few electrical power and telephone poles and lines can be seen, as electric power
was being installed there at the time.
Quiet Man
1. Title
A train pulls up to a small station and Sean Thornton gets off.
Quiet Man
2. Sean Thornton arrives
The locals speculate on what he is there for, he isn't a tourist as he doesn't have a camera or a fishing pole.
Michaleen Flynn, a local businessman with a coach, takes Sean around the area.
Quiet Man
3. Flynn takes Sean for a ride
Along the way they look at some property and Sean sees a woman herding sheep.
Quiet Man
4. Mary Kate Danaher
Sean and Mary form an instant attraction.
Sean sees Sarah Tillane, a local landowner, about buying a piece of property with a house.
Sean spent his childhood in the house before his mother took him to America.
Quiet Man
5. Sarah Tillane sells the land
A wealthy local man, Squire Will Danaher, also wants the property but Sarah sells it to Sean.
Squire Danaher becomes Sean's enemy over this deal.
Sean starts seeing Mary Kate, who is the Squire's sister.
Danaher learns of this and dislikes Sean even more.
At a local Irish bar or pub the two men meet and begin to fight.
Quiet Man
6. Breaking up a fight
The other patrons, including the local Catholic priest, Father Peter Lonergan, keep the men apart.
Sean has been seeing Mary Kate for a while and finally proposes marriage.
Quiet Man
7. Sean proposes
A local custom is that the bride's brother has to give his permission for her to marry, and he refuses.
The Squire has been trying to interest wealthy Sarah Tillane in marriage but she has put him off.
Flynn and Father Lonergan come up with a scheme.
Quiet Man
8. Too many women in the house
They tell the Squire that Sarah doesn't want to marry him with another woman in his house.
Meanwhile, at an old castle near the town:
Quiet Man
9. Old castle
Sean takes Mary to the castle for some quiet time.
Quiet Man
10. Sean and Mary Kate
Mary Kate's brother gives his permission for the wedding.
The couple are married at the family house.
Squire Danaher brings a bag of gold coins which belong to Mary as part of her dowry.
She names the amount as 350 gold pounds.
Quiet Man
11. Danaher brings Mary Kate's dowry
Danaher spills the coins onto the table.
Quiet Man
12. Gold coins on the table
A view of the coins brightly lit up.
They appear to be prop coins or tokens of some kind.
Quiet Man
13. Gold coins on the table
A view of the coins under a shadow.
Ireland hasn't made gold coins of it's own and as the country was controlled by England for a long time,
they used English coins.
The primary English gold coins of the period would be British sovereigns.
A British gold sovereign of the period:
Britain sovereign 1915
14. Great Britain gold sovereign 1915
A sovereign is a British gold coin originally worth one pound (20 shillings).
It is the same size and weight as a United States $5 gold coin, 1/4 troy ounce.
Danaher announces that he intends to wed Sarah and she is shocked.
He then realizes that he has been tricked into allowing his sister to marry Sean, and swipes the
gold coins onto the floor.
Mary starts picking up the coins but Sean tells her not to worry about the money.
Quiet Man
15. We don't need the money
Danaher then slugs Sean and knocks him to the floor causing Sean to remember when he was the
boxer "Trooper Thorn".
Quiet Man
16. Trooper Thorn in the ring
Thorn has just found out that his opponent has died and blames himself.
Quiet Man
17. Mary Kate explains about the dowry's importance
Sean doesn't realize how important the dowry is to Mary Kate and she explains that the furniture
and money belonged to her mother and further back.
Some locals persuade the Squire to release Mary's furniture but not the money.
The furniture includes a small piano.
Quiet Man
18. Mary Kate plays music
Sean at first refuses to fight Danaher over the money and Mary leaves him and heads for
the train station. He follows her there.
Quiet Man
19. Sean meets Mary at the train
Sean decides to confront Danaher and brings Mary back to the town and to Danaher's place.
Word spreads quickly about the impending fight.
Quiet Man
20. News reaches the pub
Men and women from all over converge on Danaher's farm to watch.
Quiet Man
21. The men square off
Danaher throws some money at Mary, it appears to be paper, and she puts it in an incerator.
Quiet Man
22. Money to burn
The big fight starts.
Quiet Man
23. The fight
The fighter wear each other out and become friends.
They head for Sean's house where Mary serves dinner.
Quiet Man
24. The family together
Quiet Man
25. Sean and Mary together
John Wayne as Sean Thornton
Maureen O'Hara as Mary Kate Danaher
Victor McLaglen as Squire Will Danaher
Barry Fitzgerald as Michaleen Oge Flynn
Ward Bond as Father Peter Lonergan
Director: John Ford
Writers: Frank S. Nugent, Maurice Walsh (story)
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