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The Overlanders (1946)
Australian George VI pennies used in "Two-Up" game
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The 1946 Ealing Studios film "The Overlanders" is set in 1942 Australia and shows two Australian
pennies used in a game.
A group of Australian cattle ranchers drive a herd of cattle across Australia to keep Japanese invaders
from taking them.
The film stars Chips Rafferty as Dan McAlpine, John Nugent Hayward as Bill Parsons,
and Daphne Campbell as Mary Parsons.
Some Australian pennies appear during a gambling scene where men are playing the Australian
"two-up" game.
1. Title
The Japanese Army is moving towards Australia, and a cattle rancher decides to drive his cattle
over 1000 miles across the country to keep the Japanese from taking them.
Most of the experienced "drovers" (cowboys) have joined the military, so the rancher has to hire
inexperienced hands, including native Aborigines and women.
Dan, the rancher quote:
"I put Mary on the tail with Corky.
I was paying her a man's wage, so I wanted to see how good she was.
She seemed to shape up all right."
This film was the first major movie to be filmed in Australia.
2. Filmed in Australia
3. Poster warning of Japanese invasion
4. The drivers take a break
Mary (Daphne Campbell), Bill (John Nugent Hayward), Dan (Chips Rafferty).
5. The drivers in the swamp
Jacky (Clyde Combo), Dan (Chips Rafferty), Bill (John Nugent Hayward).
6. Men gambling using Australian pennies
They are playing a game called "two-up".
7. Two pennies
King George VI is on the pennies.
8. Pennies and fingers
Australia Penny 1942
9. An Australian penny from 1942
10. This Western film has airplanes
Chips Rafferty as Dan McAlpine
John Nugent Hayward as Bill Parsons
Daphne Campbell as Mary Parsons
Director: Harry Watt
Writer: Harry Watt
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