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Greed / McTeague (1924)
US gold coins and Mercury dimes
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The 1924 MGM film "Greed" shows some American coins from the period, including Mercury dimes and
gold coins.
The film is based on the Frank Norris novel McTeague.
It stars Gibson Gowland as McTeague, a San Francisco dentist, Zasu Pitts as his wife Trina.
It was directed by Erich von Stroheim and was originally eight hours long.
Trina is a miser who won a lottery and kept the prize money in gold coins.
Later a man in the film handles Mercury dimes.
1. The purple hands of Greed
McTeague (Gibson Gowland) marries Trina (Zasu Pitts) and they live in San Francisco.
Trina wins $5000 in a lottery and becomes a miser who likes to look at her gold coins.
2. Trina holding three US gold coins
The first two look like Liberty types, the third an Indian type.
3. Man holds three dimes
The first appears to be a Barber type, the next two Mercury types.
4. Trina looking at her coin after polishing it.
Don't do this at home.
Gibson Gowland as McTeague
Zasu Pitts as Trina
Director: Erich von Stroheim
Writers: June Mathis, Erich von Stroheim
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