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The Black Swan (1942)
Various coins worn by pirates as medallions
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The 1942 Twentieth Century Fox film "The Black Swan", is about the notorious
17th century pirates of the Caribbean, many of whom wear coins as medallions.
The film stars Tyrone Power as Jamie Waring, Maureen O'Hara as Lady Margaret Denby.
It is based on Rafael Sabatini's novel of the same title.
In 1674, England's King Charles II appoints notorious pirate Henry Morgan as governor of Jamaica.
Morgan's mission is to end piracy in the area and he enlists several of his pirate associates
to work for him.
Among them is Captain Jamie Waring, who arrives, meets, and falls for Lady Margaret Denby,
the daughter of the previous governor. She is engaged to another man and the two continually fight.
Tommy Blue is Jamie's assistant.
Captain Leach and some pirates decide not to join Morgan but to continue piracy.
Lady Margaret's fiance is secretly giving shipping information to these pirates.
Eventually Jamie takes to sea to chase Leach, and kidnaps Lady Margaret to bring her along.
The pair are captured by Leach, and have to pretend to be married to avoid being executed.
After a sea battle and attack on Maracaibo, things work out for Jamie and Lady Margaret.
Black Swan
1. Title
Black Swan
2. Prologue
This is a story of the Spanish Main --
when Villainy wore a Sash, and the only political creed in the world was --
Love, Gold, and Adventure.
Black Swan
3. Sailing ship
Black Swan
4. Jamie with sword meets Lady Margaret
Black Swan
5. Lady Margaret with pistol
Nobody messes with her.
Black Swan
6. Captain Henry Morgan
Officals at the time of King Charles II wore long-haired wigs.
Black Swan
7. Pirates meeting in pub
Several of the pirates wear coins as medallions around their necks.
Black Swan
8. Parrot, Jamie, and Lady Margaret
Lady Margaret owns the parrot this time.
The bird doesn's say anything, though.
Although this scene doesn't show it, Jamie wears a medallion.
Black Swan
9. Jamie Waring's medallion
The coin appears to imitate a Spanish gold coin, possibly a doubloon.
Black Swan
10. Sailing ships
The film won an Oscar for cinematography.
Black Swan
11. Jamie and Tommy Blue on the ship
Tommy Blue also wears a medallion.
Black Swan
12. Tommy Blue's medallion
The figure on the coin resembles King Franz Joseph I of Austria, who ruled much later
than the time of the film.
Back on the ship, Lady Margaret makes a discovery.
Black Swan
13. Lady Margaret on the ship
She makes an unpleasant discovery about the nature of the ship's business.
Black Swan
14. Pirates admire Lady Margaret
Jamie tells the pirates that she is his wife to protect her from...
Captain Leach also wears a medallion.
Black Swan
15. Leach's medallion
The coin appears to imitate a Spanish gold coin, possibly a doubloon.
The pirates head for Maracaibo (now in Venezuela) was a famous Spanish port.
A dancer wearing costume coins entertains some of the residents.
Black Swan
16. Maracaibo club dancer
Black Swan
17. Pirate ships attack Maracaibo
Captain Morgan's men and the residents fight the pirates, kill most of them, and capture the rest.
Black Swan
18. The End
Tyrone Power as Jamie Waring
Maureen O'Hara as Lady Margaret Denby
Laird Cregar as Capt. Henry Morgan
Thomas Mitchell as Tommy Blue
George Sanders as Capt. Billy Leech
Director: Henry King
Writers: Ben Hecht, Seton I. Miller, Rafael Sabatini (novel)
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