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Winchester 73 (1950)
US silver dollar and Indian peace medal
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The 1950 Universal Pictures Western film "Winchester 73" shows some silver dollars used as shooting targets
and an Indian Peace medal.
In 1876, James Stewart wins a prize Winchester model 1873 rifle at a Dodge City shooting contest.
James has been pursuing his evil brother who murdered their father.
The brother steals the rifle, the rifle is then passed among various people before James finally retrieves it.
The rifle is a "bad luck piece" as most of the owners are killed violently.
At the beginning of the film a silver dollar is shown as a shooting target, later an Indian chief wears a
Jefferson Indian Peace Medal.
Winchester 73
1. Title
Winchester 73
2. The prize Winchester 73 Rifle
The Dodge City July 4, 1876 US Centennial shooting contest is managed by the renown
marshall Wyatt Earp.
Winchester 73
3. Lin McAdam and High Spade arrive
Lin McAdam has been hunting his brother, an outlaw who is using the name "Dutch Henry Brown".
Lin encounters his brother at the shooting contest.
The two are the finalists in the contest, and to determine the winner, the marshall has them
shoot at thrown silver dollars.
Winchester 73
4. Marshall Earp holds silver dollar
The US silver dollars then in circulation would be Liberty Seated types as the more common
Morgan types were not minted until 1878.
Or the silver dollar could be a Mexican peso, which were in circulation in the American West then.
The two men shoot at silver dollars, then smaller items.
Lin finally emerges as the winner, but back at his hotel room Dutch and two accomplices
steal the rifle.
The three outlaws flee the town without their weapons and arrive at an outpost where the meet
Joe Lamont, a white man who sells weapons to Indians.
Winchester 73
5. Joe Lamont and Dutch Henry Brown
A pile of prop coins is shown on the table.
Joe has a shipment of old rifles and pistols ready for sale to the Indians,
Dutch and Joe finally make a deal to trade the Winchester for several older guns.
The outlaws leave, then Joe leaves to take his shipment to an Indian tribe led by chief Young Bull.
Winchester 73
6. Young Bull
Young Bull is wearing an old Indian Peace medal.
The medal appears to be a type issued by US President Thomas Jefferson.
Young Bull knows about weapons, and he gets the Winchester away from Joe.
He takes his band to attack a small detachment of US Cavalry, who are now accompanied by
Lin, High Spade, and a couple, Steve Miller and Lola Manners.
Steve is not very brave and Lola is having second thoughts about settling down with him.
Young Bull's Indians get ready to attack the outpost.
Winchester 73
7. Young Bull on horse
Young Bull is holding his new Winchester rifle.
His horse is specially marked for battle.
Winchester 73
8. Young Bull with Indian Peace medal
The reverse of the Indian Peace medal is visible in this scene.
The medal reverse has two clasped hands.
Winchester 73
9. Indians attack
Young Bull's horse blanket markings are reversed, possibly a different blanket.
Young Bull is killed during the short battle and the other Indians retreat, leaving behind their dead.
A young Cavalry trooper finds the Winchester rifle.
Winchester 73
10. Cavalry trooper finds rifle
The sergeant tells the trooper that he can not keep the rifle as an officer will steal it from him.
He tries to give the rifle to Lin, but since Lin and his pal have left, he then gives the rifle to Steve.
Winchester 73
11. Cavalry sergeant gives rifle to Steve Miller
Steve and Lola head to a ranch they are thinking of buying.
Some outlaws arrive at the ranch pursued by a sheriff's posse.
One of the outlaws is a renown gunfighter Waco Johnny Dean, who immediately wants Lola.
Waco persuades Steve to give him the rifle.
Winchester 73
12. Waco Johnny Dean takes rifle
Waco then kills Steve, flees the ranch with Lola, and the head to meet another group of outlaws
led by Dutch Henry Brown.
The men are planning a bank robbery in a small town.
Dutch recognizes the Winchester rifle and asks Waco for it.
Waco sees how much Dutch wants the rifle and gives it to him.
Winchester 73
13. Dutch Henry Brown gets the rifle back
The outlaws head to the small town, Lola is there, and Lin and High Spade also arrive.
Lin manages to foil the robbery and Waco is killed.
Winchester 73
14. Waco meets his end
High Spade tells Lola the story of the good and bad brothers Lin and Dutch,
and why Lin is obsessed with killing Dutch.
Lin pursues Dutch into the mountains for a final showdown.
Winchester 73
15. Two brothers in the mountains
After the gunfight, Lin emerges victorious and heads back to town.
Winchester 73
16. Lin and Lola
James Stewart as Lin McAdam
Stephen McNally as Dutch Henry Brown
Will Geer as Wyatt Earp
Shelley Winters as Lola Manners
John McIntire as Joe Lamont
Charles Drake as Steve Miller
Dan Duryea as Waco Johnny Dean
Rock Hudson as Young Bull
Director: Anthony Mann
Writers: Robert L. Richards, Borden Chase, Stuart N. Lake
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