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Twist of Fate (1954)
Counterfeit British gold sovereigns
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This 1954 British Lion Film Corporation and United Artists film has a scene set in an underground mint
which manufactures counterfeit British gold sovereign coins.
The film is also known as "Beautiful Stranger" and is set on the French Riviera.
Ginger Rogers is the mistress of married businessman Stanley Baker who shares a house with her in Cannes.
Stanley also runs a gangster syndicate which manufactures counterfeit sovereigns for sale.
Twist of Fate
1. Title
The film begins with a view of the French Riviera.
Twist of Fate
2. The French Riviera
Stanley is a married man who keeps Ginger in a fancy house in Cannes.
He has been telling her that he will soon be divorced but actually his money comes from her.
Stanley is an executive with his wife's firm and has a fancy business office.
Twist of Fate
3. Stanley and Ginger in his office
The office has interesting 1950's decor.
Ginger knows Herbert from when she was an actress.
Twist of Fate
4. Herbert and Ginger
Herbert tells Ginger that his wife is in a sanitarium and implies that he needs money for her care.
Ginger gives him some money which he actually uses the money for gambling at a casino.
Twist of Fate
5. Stanley's "mint"
The "mint" is in an old building and uses an old coin press.
Stanley talks to one of his men, who acts as a "collector" for the syndicate.
Collector: Here are the new pressings, even the Bank of England couldn't make them any better.
Stanley: They need rubbing down a little, they're too bright for a date 1910
Collector: Leave it to him, this guy can do anything with gold.
Stanley: How many agents
Collector: Eighteen
And all have sovereigns's on hand.
I can get $20 in Rome, in Cairo they're just $18.
The Tangier prices are rising all the time.
I'm shipping the whole minting plant to Tangier and making the coins there.
It's an international zone and the law's easier there, besides I have gold in Tangier.
Stanley sends collector to collect money from agents and debtors.
Twist of Fate
6. Stanley's coin press
A closer look at the coin press which looks like a real antique.
A British gold sovereign:
Britain sovereign 1915
7. Great Britain gold sovereign 1915
Gold, 22mm, 8.00gm, fineness: 22 Carat (0.916)
A 1910 sovereign would be similar, except for a different king, Edward VII.
Interestingly enough, 1910 sovereigns are rarer than most from that period.
In 1954, the year of the film was made, sovereigns would be worth in gold around $8.75 as gold
was priced at $35 per troy ounce.
They were worth more in some countries due to importation laws and taxes.
Ginger gets upset at her situation, argues with Stanley, and drives off in her sportscar.
She has a minor wreck and seeks aid at a pub.
Twist of Fate
8. The artists' pub
Ginger meets Jacques, an artist who makes pottery.
He takes her to his place and a romance begins.
Twist of Fate
9. Jacques and Ginger
Among other things, Jacques shows Ginger how to make a vase.
Herbert steals a diamond bracelet from Ginger which he gives to a gangster to settle a gambling debt.
Stanley sees the bracelet and assumes that Ginger gave it to Herbert and thus are lovers.
Herbert and Stanley have an argument in which Stanley is shot.
Herbert decides to help himself to some of Stanley's money.
Twist of Fate
10. Herbert taking the cash
Herbert takes Stanley's body to Jacques' house and sets it on fire.
Ginger and Jacques tie up Herbert to take him to the police.
Twist of Fate
11. Jacques and Ginger with the police
The police figure out what happened and release Ginger and Jacques.
Ginger Rogers as 'Johnny' Victor
Stanley Baker as Louis Galt
Jacques Bergerac as Pierre Clemont
Herbert Lom as Emil Landosh
Director: David Miller
Writers: David Miller, Carl Nystrom, Rip Van Ronkel, Robert Westerby
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