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Time After Time (1979)
British sovereigns and guineas in 1979 San Francisco
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The 1979 Orion Pictures film "Time After Time" is a science-fiction film about time travel.
In 1893 British writer H. G. Wells shows some friends a time machine that he has built.
One friend, Dr. Stevenson, is also notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper, and he uses the machine
to flee the police to 1979 San Francisco.
Wells uses his machine to pursue Stevenson to 1979 and meets Amy Robbins, a bank official.
Early in the film Stevenson offers a gold sovereign to a prostitute, later, in 1979, he visits Amy's bank
to exchange gold sovereigns for American money.
Time After Time
1. Title
In 1893 London, a man offers a gold coin (a gold sovereign or one pound) to a prostitute.
Time After Time
2. An offer she can't refuse
He asks her to move to an alley where he produces a knife.
After he leaves, a policeman discovers the woman's body.
The killer is "Jack the Ripper", a notorious 1888 serial killer of prostitutes, who has apparently returned.
At the nearby house of H. G. Wells (Herbert George Wells), Wells has some friends over.
Dr. Stevenson arrives late and implies that he was treating a patient.
Wells takes his friends to his basement to show them something.
Time After Time
3. Wells shows his time machine
Wells has built a time machine and he demonstrates how the controls work, in particular
that it needs a key to run and also has an extra safety device.
Time After Time
4. Stevenson and Wells play chess
Wells and Stevenson discuss the future, Wells expresses his belief that in three generations
war and sickness will be abolished.
Stevenson argues that people don't change and future men will be more violent.
Scotland Yard (police) detectives arrive to question the residents and find Stevenson's medical bag
with bloody instruments.
Wells heads for the basement and finds his machine (and Stevenson) gone.
The machine returns and Wells examines the controls to see where Stevenson sent himself.
Wells then sends himself to the same time which is November 5, 1979.
He finds himself in San Francisco and heads for a bank to exchange money.
Time After Time
5. Wells exchanging money
Wells hands over his 1893 British currency notes and the clerk suggests that he would
get more for them from a coin dealer due to their age.
However, Wells exchanges the notes at the bank.
Time After Time
6. Amy at her desk
She likes "Herbert", thinks he is quaint, and offers to show him around San Francisco.
She also tells him that another odd Englishman came to her bank to change old money,
he asked her where to stay and she recommended a large hotel.
Meanwhile, Jack is preparing for a night on the town.
He has bought modern clothes but keeps his Victorian money belt.
Time After Time
7. Stevenson's Victorian money belt and watch
Wells has gotten Stevenson's hotel from Amy and pays him a visit.
Stevenson tells Wells that he likes the violent society and tells Wells
"Eighty years ago I was a freak, here I'm an amateur".
Time After Time
8. Here I'm an amateur
A hotel maid enters and Wells pursues Stevenson through the hotel and outside.
Herbert and Amy are falling in love and visit Muir Woods, north of San Francisco.
Time After Time
9. Herbert and Amy in the woods
Meanwhile, Jack is on the prowl in the city's sex district.
Time After Time
10. Jack on the prowl
The films at the theatre are "Deep Throat" and "Devil in Miss Jones", two popular porn films of the period.
The next day at the bank, Amy has a visitor.
Time After Time
11. Stevenson exchanges gold coins
Stevenson wants to change a pile of gold coins which he calls "guineas", but would
be British gold sovereigns or one pound coins.
A British gold sovereign of the Victorian period:
Britain sovereign 1888
12. Great Britain gold sovereign 1888
A sovereign is a British gold coin originally worth one pound (20 shillings).
It is the same size and weight as a United States $5 gold coin, 1/4 troy ounce.
Amy tries to stall Stevenson but he tells her to tell Wells to give him the key or he will kill her.
Amy later meets with Wells and tells him her visitor is dangerous and he should talk to the police.
Time After Time
13. Wells visits the police
Wells gives the detective Stevensons's name but doesn't mention time travel, and, of course,
the police can not do anything.
Stevenson later kidnaps Amy and brings her to the museum where the machine is.
Wells follows them to the museum.
Time After Time
14. Jack holding Amy at the museum
Wells gives Stevenson the key, Stevenson gets in the machine, and Wells pulls out the safety device,
which sends Stevenson into the future without stopping.
Time After Time
15. Amy and Herbert together
Herbert convinces Amy to go back to his time and a final note states that he married Amy.
Malcolm McDowell as H.G. Wells (Herbert George Wells)
David Warner as Dr. Stevenson (Jack)
Mary Steenburgen as Amy Robbins
Director: Nicholas Meyer
Writers: Karl Alexander, Steve Hayes, Nicholas Meyer
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