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Seven Years in Tibet (1997)
British India coins including Queen Victoria
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The 1997 TriStar Pictures film "Seven Years in Tibet" shows some British India coins,
including one with Queen Victoria on it, and possibly some Indian temple tokens and Tibetan coins.
The film stars Brad Pitt as Austrian Nazi mountain climber Heinrich Harrer who was arrested
in British India and later escaped from a detention camp in 1944.
He found refuge in Tibet as an instructor to the young Dalai Lama.
At one time Heinrich enters a temple and spots a bowl with offering coins.
Seven Years in Tibet
1. Title
The film stars Brad Pitt as Austrian mountain climber Heinrich Harrer who heads to British India in 1939
to join a German expedition to climb the Himalayan peak Nanga Parbat.
He and the other climbers are captured by the British and are sent to a POW camp in Northern India.
Harrer and fellow climber Peter Aufschnaiter escape in 1944 and head for Tibet.
Both men are allowed to stay in Tibet and Harrer becomes a tutor for the child Lama.
Harrer stays in Tibet until 1951 then is forced to leave when the Chinese invade Tibet.
Seven Years in Tibet
2. Harrer on train leaving Vienna
Seven Years in Tibet
3. Climbing Nanga Parbat
Seven Years in Tibet
4. POW camp guards escorting Harrer to barracks
Seven Years in Tibet
5. After his escape, Harrer approaches Indian temple in the dark
Seven Years in Tibet
6. While looking for food, Harrer approaches idol
Seven Years in Tibet
7. Temple coins in dish closeup
The coins appear to be British India or temple tokens, one has Queen Victoria on it.
India British rupee 1882
8. A British India coin, one rupee Queen Victoria 1882
Seven Years in Tibet
9. Tibet capital Lhasa, the Potala building, home of the child Lama
Tibet srang 3 1935
10. A Tibet coin, 3 srang 1935
Seven Years in Tibet
11. Harrer meets the child Lama
Seven Years in Tibet
12. Harrer teaching the child Lama geography
Seven Years in Tibet
13. Harrer leaves Tibet after Chinese invasion
Brad Pitt as Heinrich Harrer
David Thewlis as Peter Aufschnaiter
Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk as Dalai Lama
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Writers: Becky Johnston, Heinrich Harrer (book)
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