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The Razor's Edge (1947)
Ancient Greek coin from India cures headaches
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The 1947 Twentieth Century Fox film "The Razor's Edge" shows how a man who has studied in India
uses an ancient coin to cure another man's headaches.
The film is based on W. Somerset Maugham's 1944 novel of the same title.
The film stars Tyrone Power as Larry Darrell, an American World War I veteran who spends ten years
in travel and study trying to find the "meaning of life".
He spends time in Paris, then around Europe, and then several years in India, then back to Paris.
At first he is pursued by a girlfriend who wants him to marry her, then she gives up and marries
another man for his money, and years later they meet again in Paris.
The lady's husband has been having headaches due to losing all of his money, and Larry, who has
just returned from India, pulls out a very large ancient coins and uses it to implant a suggestion
that his headache is gone.
Razor's Edge
1. Title
Larry Darrell returns from World War I service and decides not to join the pursuit of money in the "Roaring Twenties", but to embark on a life of study and seeking.
His girlfriend Isabel Bradley puts up with him for a while but then marries Gray Maturin,
a wealthy heir and investment manager.
Larry eventually heads to India where he lives in a monastery studying religion.
Gray's fortune is wiped out in the Depression and he, his wife Isabel, and their children
move to Paris and live with Isabel's uncle Elliott Templeton, who managed to keep his fortune.
Larry returns from his wanderings and also arrives in Paris.
Larry has learned some things in India and shows Gray how to relieve stress headaches
by holding an ancient coin, a sort of self-hypnosis.
Larry meets Sophie MacDonald, an old friend from Chicago, who has had a hard life and
turned to alcohol. He decides to marry her, but Isabel gets her drunk, and she ends up dead.
Larry decides to leave the decadent group in Paris and head back to the United States.
Razor's Edge
2. Larry and Isabel
Razor's Edge
3. Isabel in her new dress
Gene Tierney's dresses were designed by Oleg Cassini, her husband at the time.
Razor's Edge
4. Larry at the monastery in India
Razor's Edge
5. Larry heads for the Himalayas to meditate
Razor's Edge
6. Larry hands Gray an "ancient coin from India"
Razor's Edge
7. Larry explains to Gray
Razor's Edge
8. Closeup of the "coin"
It appears to be a large studio prop coin, copied from an ancient coin.
Razor's Edge
9. Closeup of the other side of the "coin"
Razor's Edge
10. Isabel and Sophie
Tyrone Power as Larry Darrell
Gene Tierney as Isabel Bradley
John Payne as Gray Maturin
Anne Baxter as Sophie MacDonald
Clifton Webb as Elliott Templeton
Herbert Marshall as W. Somerset Maugham
Director: Edmund Goulding
Writers: Lamar Trotti, W. Somerset Maugham (novel)
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