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Public Enemies (2009)
Bank robber John Dillinger and 1930's period coins
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The 2009 Universal Pictures film "Public Enemies", is about the career of 1930's bank robber
John Dillinger and the efforts of the Federal Department of Justice to capture him.
J. Edgar Hoover heads the Bureau of Investigation, soon to be called the FBI.
Hoover recruits agent Melvin Purvis to lead the manhunt for Dillinger and his gang.
Early in the film, Dillinger's gang robs a bank and see some bills and coins on a teller's table.
Dillinger asks a man if it is his money, he replies "yes", and Dillinger leaves the money.
Public Enemies
1. Title
It is 1933, the fourth year of the Depressions, and crime is rampant.
Career criminal John Dillinger breaks out of prison and recruits a gang.
Public Enemies
2. John Dillinger
John also likes girls.
Dillinger's gang robs a bank using high technology weapons including machine guns.
Public Enemies
3. Bank robbery
A bank official is taken to open the door leading to the safe.
A pile of paper currency is seen on a table.
Public Enemies
4. Money on the table
Bills of $100 are seen.
A customer is about to deposit some currency and coins which lay on the teller's table along with a
yellow deposit slip.
Public Enemies
5. Bills and coins
The coins include Lincoln cents, Washington quarters, Walking Liberty half dollars, and Buffalo nickels.
The bills include $1, $50, and the uncommon $2 notes.
Dillinger asks the man "Is that your money?".
Public Enemies
6. Is that your money?
The man replies "yes" and Dillinger leaves the money as he only wants the bank's money.
Hoover testifies at a Senate hearing and a senator asks him an embarassing question.
Public Enemies
7. J. Edgar Hoover testifies
He is asked "have you ever personally arrested anyone"" and he replies "no".
Meanwhile, the gang is visiting nightclubs and John meets Billie Frechette.
Public Enemies
8. John finds love
John and Billie become lovers. John takes his gang to Tucson where they are arrested.
John is sent to Indiana by airplane to be tried for his crimes.
Public Enemies
9. John brought to Indiana
John has become a celebrity and news organizations follow him.
He is locked up in an Indiana jail but soon escapes again.
He meets his gang and do another robbery, then head for the Little Bohemia Lodge in Wisconsin.
While there, one of the gang handles the cash.
Public Enemies
10. Bundles of cash
Billie is arrested, Hoover finds out about John's vacation, and sends agents to the lodge.
Public Enemies
11. The Little Bohemia Lodge
A gunfight ensues between Federal agents and John's gang killing members of both groups,
but John manages to elude capture and heads to Chicago.
Anna Sage, a local madam and friend of John, agrees to inform the police in exchange for immigration help.
John decides to go to the movies and checks the newspaper schedule.
Public Enemies
12. Checking the newspaper theater schedule
He takes Anna to the Biograph Theater on Chicago's North Side.
Public Enemies
13. The Chicago Biograph Theater
The film shown is the 1933 MGM film "Manhattan Melodrama" which stars Clark Gable, William Powell,
and Myrna Loy. Gable is a gangster, Powell a politician, and Loy the girl between them.
The Biograph Theater is still standing and is very proud of it's connection with John Dillinger.
The agents get the tip from Anna and head for the theater.
Public Enemies
14. Agent waiting
John and Anna watch the film, and when it ends, they leave.
The agents and police are waiting.
Public Enemies
15. Crime does not pay
Johnny Depp as John Dillinger
Christian Bale as Melvin Purvis
Marion Cotillard as Billie Frechette
Stephen Graham as Baby Face Nelson
Director: Michael Mann
Writers: Ronan Bennett, Michael Mann, Ann Biderman, Bryan Burrough (book)
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