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Mr. Soft Touch (1949)
Silver dollar prop coins on table tempt Glenn Ford
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In the 1949 Columbia Pictures film "Mr. Soft Touch", ex-soldier (World War II) Glenn Ford steals a
large sum of money from gangsters who took over the casino he owned when he went into the army.
He hides out in a refuge house run by social worker Evelyn Keyes while waiting to catch a ship
out of the country.
This film is set around Christmas and appears to be set in San Francisco.
Evelyn manages to tame some of Glenn's hard-boiled instincts.
Early in the film Glenn Ford is in Evelyn's office and sees a pile of silver dollars and smaller coins.
His first instinct is to pocket them but decides not to.
Mr. Soft Touch
1. Title
Glenn Ford is driving a "1947 Lincoln" and is fleeing someone or something.
He has to stop to pay the bridge toll, then 25 cents, exact change requested.
Mr. Soft Touch
2. Bridge toll plaza
Glenn has lots of cash including a fifty-dollar bill.
Mr. Soft Touch
3. Glenn hands over $50 note
The bill appears to be the standard Mexican Revolution two-head film money bill.
Glenn then hides the car at a used car lot.
Mr. Soft Touch
4. Glenn hides car
He visits a friend who has bought a ship ticket to Japan for him.
He has to hide somewhere until the ship sails, and through circumstances, finds himself at
Evelyn Keyes' refuge or homeless shelter.
A radio broadcast and a newspaper column indicate that Glenn is carrying a lot of cash which
he has stolen from a casino which he and partners owned before the war (World War II).
Glenn went into the army and upon his return found his partner murdered and the casino
taken over by gangsters.
He visited the casino and took a large sum of cash money with him, and is being followed by
the gangsters who want the money back.
Mr. Soft Touch
5. Glenn meets Evelyn
Glenn is in Evelyn's office and looks around.
Mr. Soft Touch
6. Glenn examines cup
The cup has writing indicating it was used for a charity fundraising drive.
Posters for various charity groups, including the Red Cross, are on the walls.
Glenn then looks at the desk and sees something.
Mr. Soft Touch
7. Glenn spots coins on table
On the desk is a pile of money in silver dollars and smaller coins.
A note with them indicates that they are for the "United Nations for Children".
Mr. Soft Touch
8. Table coins
The coins appear to be prop coins or large tokens.
The dollar sized prop coins have what looks like an angel and children on them.
The smaller prop coins which have "25" on them look similar to
movie prop tokens made by the Los Angeles Rubber Stamp Company.
Evelyn's place has a number of colorful characters hanging around, including a young boy.
Mr. Soft Touch
9. Clenn meets a bookie in training
The boy claims to have tips on winning horseraces from his brother, a jockey.
Glenn gives the boy some money, more Mexican stage money.
Glenn spots Evelyn and gazes at her legs.
Mr. Soft Touch
10. Glenn propositions Evelyn
Evelyn isn't impressed with Glenn's line "I'd like to see you in red silk".
The gangsters show up and set the place on fire.
A little girl leaves with a package.
Evelyn and Glenn fall in love but she wants to stay at her place and not flee with Glenn.
Mr. Soft Touch
11. Little girl finds money
It's Glenn's money from the casino.
He heads over to the casino, enters using a secret tunnel, and confronts the gangster chief.
Mr. Soft Touch
12. Glenn visits casino gangster boss
Glenn opens the safe (apparently the gangsters didn't change the combination) and takes more money.
He heads back to Evelyn's place dressed as Santa Claus and followed by gangsters.
As Santa Claus he hands out the money, is spotted by the gangsters and is shot.
He and Evelyn are together but whether he survives or not is ambigious.
Glenn Ford as Joe Miracle
Evelyn Keyes as Jenny Jones
Directors: Gordon Douglas, Henry Levin
Writers: Milton Holmes, Orin Jannings
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