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Mr. Moto - Mysterious Mr. Moto (1938)
Mr. Moto rolls a coin through his fingers
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The 1930's Twentieth Century Fox "Mr. Moto" films all featured Peter Lorre as Mr. Moto, a
Japanese detective working in various parts of the world.
Mr. Moto carries a business card which identifies him as:
"INTERNATIONAL Association of Importers / KENTARO MOTO / Confidential Investigator"
The 1938 film "Mysterious Mr. Moto" shows Mr. Moto rolling a coin through his fingers.
Mr. Moto Films
1. Title
Mr. Moto heads to London on the trail of a group of professional assasins.
He poses as a Japanese servant who speaks "pidgin" English.
Mr. Moto Films
2. Mr. Moto and gang
Mr. Moto follows the gang closely to find out who their leader and target is.
He finds the target to be Anton Darvak, the head of a Czechoslovakian munitions firm.
Anton has an American secretrary, Ann Richman, and an assistant David Scott.
Mr. Moto Films
3. Anton Darvak, Ann Richman, David Scott
Darvak has been receiving threats from the gang who want a new device.
Mr. Moto heads to the British police and while waiting in an office he rolls a coin between his fingers.
Mr. Moto Films
4. Mr. Moto rolling coin
The coin appears to be a prop coin or token.
Mr. Moto Films
5. Mr. Moto's coin
The coin has a figure ringed by stars.
Mr. Moto Films
6. Mr. Moto explains things
Mr. Moto identifies the gang leader and causes a gang member to drop a chandelier on him.
Mr. Moto Films
7. Chandelier falls on killer
Mr. Moto then engages in a shootout with another gang member and rounds up the gang for the police.
Peter Lorre as Mr. Moto
Mary Maguire as Ann Richman
Henry Wilcoxon as Anton Darvak
Leon Ames as Paul Brissac
Director: Norman Foster
Writers: Philip MacDonald, Norman Foster, John P. Marquand
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