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The Man from Utah (1934)
Old Chinese coin in the Wild West
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The 1934 Lone Star Productions film "The Man from Utah" shows what appears to be an
ancient Chinese "cash" coin
The singing cowboy "Singin' Sandy" rides into town and later busts up a group of
crooked rodeo operators.
John Wayne was briefly billed as "Singin' Sandy" but his voice was dubbed.
At one point he is broke and pulls out what appears to be a Chinese coin.
Man From Utah
1. John/Sandy checks his purse for money
"Singin' Sandy", also known as John Wayne, plays cowboy John Weston.
Sandy's singing voice was dubbed by someone else.
Polly Ann Young, sister of Loretta Young, plays the love interest.
In these scenes, John looks in his purse, finds one coin, and decides to look for a job.
Man From Utah
2. Sandy opens the purse
Man From Utah
3. Sandy holding the "coin"
It appears to be a Chinese "cash" coin.
John Wayne as John Weston
Polly Ann Young as Marjorie Carter
George 'Gabby' Hayes as Marshal George Higgins
Yakima Canutt as Cheyenne Kent
Director: Robert N. Bradbury
Writer: Lindsley Parsons
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