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Mad About Men (1954)
Mermaid takes Spanish gold doubloons to pawn shop
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The 1954 British mermaid film "Mad About Men" features Spanish gold doubloons, items that mermaids
would have access to.
"Mad About Men" is the 1954 sequel to the 1948 British film comedy "Miranda",
about a mermaid and three men. Miranda is a mermaid who feels that mermen are boring and
likes the land version better. She is always flirting with men, especially young handsome ones.
The film stars Glynis Johns as the mermaid and also as a girl who looks like her.
At one point she cashes in a load of Spanish doubloons at an antique store.
Mad About Men
1. Title
Swimming champion Caroline goes on vacation to Cornwall by the ocean.
Caroline has a stuffy possessive boyfriend Ronald who she wants to get away from.
Mad About Men
2. Cornish Riviera Train
This engine is now an antique.
Mad About Men
3. Caroline reading a newspaper
On the train Caroline meets Jeff.
Mad About Men
4. Jeff reading Caroline
Caroline stays at a local inn with a prophetic name.
Mad About Men
5. Hotel sign "The Mermaid Inn"
In Cornwall she meets her distant mermaid relative Miranda, who looks like her.
Mad About Men
6. Miranda meets Caroline
Caroline and Miranda trade places so that Caroline can go on a bicycling trip.
Miranda impersonates Caroline and conceals her fish tail by telling people she had an accident
and using a wheelchair to get around.
Miranda has a mermaid friend Berengaria who is somewhat "goofy" and likes to steal clothes.
Miranda contacts a nurse Carey to assist her as they knew each other previously
and Carey is familiar with the special requirements of mermaids.
Nurse Carey is reading a Western story magazine when she gets the call.
Mad About Men
7. Nurse Carey reading a western story magazine
The magazine she is reading is:
Ranch Romances
First January Number (of 1954)
"Bully of Burnt Bench" by Frank C. Robertson
"Dusty Promise" by Ben Smith
Mad About Men
8. Nurse Carey
To get spending money Miranda hauls up a box filled with jewelry and old Spanish gold doubloons.
Mad About Men
9. Treasure box with jewelry and coins
The coins in the box are supposed to be Spanish gold doubloons
This is Spanish doubloon gold coin:
Mexico eight escudos 1806
10. Spanish gold doubloon (eight escudos) 1806 - Mexico City Mint
She and Carey take the coins to a pawn shop and sell them to the owner.
Carey warns her that pawnbrokers are sharks and Miranda replies that she is used to
dealing with sharks.
Mad About Men
11. Caroline and Carey at the pawnshop
This is a full-service pawn shop:
The signs on the doors and windows read:
Cash Advanced on Plate-Jewellery
Foreign Money Exchanged
Best Prices Given / Old Gold / Antique Coins
Dealers in Antique Furniture / Watch Repairs
The name below the window looks like "Harry Diamond & Son", a large chain of
British jewelry shops.
The pawnbroker is young and handsome, Miranda gives him the full treatment,
and wheels out with a load of cash.
Mad About Men
12. Miranda gives the pawnbroker the "treatment"
Mad About Men
13. The pawnbroker examines a coin
Mad About Men
14. The pawnbroker hands over the money
Miranda sees a picture of Caroline's boyfriend and decides to find a better match for her.
When the boyfriend Ronald turns up, she flirts with two eligible bachelors, Jeff Saunders and
Colonel Barclay Sutton, in front of Ronald.
Mad About Men
15. Caroline and two lads
Sutton invites Caroline to dinner, also along is his fiancee Barbara.
He tells Caroline that he works in the sanitation department which dumps garbage into the ocean.
Miranda obviously doesn't like that and she graphically dumps soup on Sutton.
Barbara doesn't like Miranda and while swimming discovers Miranda's true nature.
She arranges for "Caroline" to sing at a charity concert and plans to expose her.
Caroline reads about the concert and hurries home to switch places with Miranda.
Caroline ends up "lip-synching" while Miranda sings, Barbara tells the audience that
Caroline is a mermaid, Caroline proceeds to hike up her dress showing her legs and doing a dance.
Things end happily with Caroline and Jeff in a rowboat kissing as Miranda watches them.
Mad About Men
16. Caroline gets her man as Miranda looks on
Glynis Johns as Caroline Trewella / Miranda Trewella
Donald Sinden as Jeff Saunders
Margaret Rutherford as Nurse Carey
Dora Bryan as Berengaria (mermaid)
Anne Crawford as Barbara Davenport
Nicholas Phipps as Col. Barclay Sutton
Anthony Oliver as Pawnbroker (the coin dealer)
Director: Ralph Thomas
Writer: Peter Blackmore
Producers: Betty E. Box, Group Film Productions Limited, General Film Distributors
Mermaid tails: Dunlop
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