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Leprechaun (1993)
Irish Leprechaun's pot of gold has interesting coins
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The 1993 Trimark Pictures film "Leprechaun" is about an evil Irish Leprechaun who arrives in the
United States to recover a stolen pot of gold.
Several types of gold and metal coins appear in the film, as well as a coin dealer and a numismatic
coin catalog.
Old Spanish gold and silver coins predominate, they would have to be copies or prop coins.
The Leprechaun is evil because, as he states, "I sold my soul for gold".
He kills and injures various people in unusual ways while hunting for his gold coins, and sometimes is
heard to exclaim "I wants me gold!".
The film was followed by several sequels and coins were featured in the second and third films,
Leprechaun 2 and Leprechaun 3. Some examples of coins and numismatic items from the two
sequels are shown here.
1. Title
The film opens with a traditionally dressed Leprechaun sitting at his pot of gold.
2. Leprechaun and his pot of gold
Ten years ago a man stole some gold from a Leprechaun and brought the goods to the United States,
specifically a small town in North Dakota, followed by the Leprechaun.
He managed to lock the Leprechaun in a box protected by a magic four leaf clover and then have a
stroke, leaving the house vacant.
Tory and her father arrive to take over the house and meet some local residents.
3. Alex, Ozzie, Tory, Nathan
Nathan is a handsome contractor who soon becomes Tory's boyfriend.
Alex is his little brother and Ozzie is a dim-witted painter.
Ozzie accidently removes the protecting clover and frees the Leprechaun.
4. The Leprechaun appears
He immediately asks "Where's me gold?" but Ozzie and Alex find it first in an abandoned truck.
The pair pass one coin between each other.
5. Old coin
Only the reverse of the coin is shown which appears to be a copy of a Spanish dollar or eight reales
silver coin.
An example of a Spanish dollar coin:
Mexico reales 8 1806
6. Spanish silver dollar or eight reales 1806, Mexico City Mint
Spanish coins circulated in the American Colonies and the United States until the 1850's.
Ozzie manages to swallow a coin and the pair take another coin to a local coin dealer.
7. Coin shop "Collectibles Joe's Coins"
The coin dealer pulls out an old numismatic catalog to identify the coin.
8. Coin dealer and catalog
The dealer opens the antique "Ancient Coins of Ireland" to a page on gold coins.
9. Catalog page
The page shows some early 1600's coins and reads (in part):
James I
Ruler on throne. Rev, Arms on large rose
Rose Ryal ND
Ruler on throne. Rev, XXX over arms
30 Shillings (Rose Ryal) ND
The coins in the catalog are actually British coins which circulated in Ireland, which was occupied by
Britain at that time.
The dealer tells the lads that the coin might be worth a lot of money, and asks to keep it overnight
to do more research on it. They agree and the dealer keeps it.
The Leprechaun arrives, takes the coin, and kills the dealer with a pogo stick.
Back at the house the four are engaged in a fight with the Leprechaun.
10. Ozzie, Nathan, Tory, Alex in the house
The fighting continues with Tory and Nathan armed with guns, they discover that the Leprechaun
can be shot but not killed. The Leprechaun finds the coins in a well where the lads had hidden them.
11. The Leprechaun gets his gold
Tory visits a nursing home to talk to the previous owner and he tells her that a four leaf clover
will kill the Leprechaun.
She and the others start searching the fields for one, and find one.
Alex uses a slingshot to fire the clover wrapped around a rock at the Leprechaun who, before dying,
pronounces a curse.
"Leprechaun" was a big hit and was followed by several sequels.
"Leprechaun 2" (1994) is set in Los Angeles, where the lad kidnaps and attempts to marry a local woman.
Her boyfriend has to defeat the Leprechaun and rescue her.
In this film, the Leprechaun's treasure consists of various coins, but later Spanish eight escudos coins or
doubloons predominate.
12. Leprechaun 2 - Leprechaun's treasure with Spanish coins
The upper center coin is a Spanish dollar, possibly the one from the first film.
13. Leprechaun 2 - United States quarter (25 cents)
The Leprechaun finds an American quarter (25 cents) coin left by a man.
14. Leprechaun 2 - Treasure with ancient Greek coin
Left of center, an ancient Greek coin appears, also some traditional prop tokens appear.
15. Leprechaun 2 - Celtic gold coins book and coin
Another coin dealer has an old book, "A History of Ornaments", which is used to identify
an ancient Celtic gold coin brought in by the boyfriend.
Celtic gold coins were made from around BC 100 to AD 100.
16. Leprechaun 2 - Leprechaun's treasure with a familiar face
Upper center, a John F. Kennedy gold coin is shown.
It appears to be a gold-plated United States John F. Kennedy half dollar coin.
Ironically, in 2014, the United States issued a gold Kennedy half dollar.
17. Leprechaun 2 - Celtic gold coin with horse
Some Celtic gold coins had horses on them like this one.
"Leprechaun 3" (1995) is set in Las Vegas, where a young man and a showgirl become involved
with the title character.
In this film the Leprechaun's treasure consists of Spanish eight escudos coins or doubloons,
and one is used as a "lucky" coin.
This coin grants wishes, but they turn out bad when the Leprechaun arrives.
18. Leprechaun 3 - Holding Spanish coin
The coin appears to be a Spanish doubloon or eight escudos gold coin dated 1805.
An example of a Spanish doubloon coin:
Mexico eight escudos 1806
19. Spanish gold doubloon or eight escudos 1806, Mexico City Mint
Spanish gold coins have long been associated with Ireland due to stories of Spanish treasure ships
coming from America being shipwrecked on the coasts of Ireland.
20. Leprechaun 3 - Human slot machine payoff
The Leprechaun uses his magical powers to create a human slot machine.
21. Leprechaun 3 - Pot of gold detail with Spanish coins
The Leprechaun pot of gold with Spanish doubloons.
These coins appear to be pretty good copies of the real thing.
Warwick Davis as The Leprechaun
Leprechaun 1: Jennifer Aniston as Tory Reding
Leprechaun 1: Ken Olandt as Nathan Murphy
Leprechaun 2: Charlie Heath as Cody
Leprechaun 2: Shevonne Durkin as Bridget
Leprechaun 3: John Gatins as Scott McCoy
Leprechaun 3: Lee Armstrong as Tammy Larsen
Leprechaun 1: Director: Mark Jones
Leprechaun 1: Writer: Mark Jones
Leprechaun 2: Director: Rodman Flender
Leprechaun 2: Writers: Mark Jones, Turi Meyer, Al Septien
Leprechaun 3: Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Leprechaun 3: Writers: David DuBos, Mark Jones
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