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Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (2008)
Spanish cob doubloons and "pieces of eight"
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"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" is the fourth of the "Indiana Jones" films
about an archaeologist and adventurer produced by Paramount Pictures.
The first three films were set in the 1930's and this one is set in 1957.
The film stars Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones and Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood, his girlfriend
in the first film and again in this film.
Early in the film, Indiana and Mutt, his son, are in Peru looking for a friend who disappeared.
They visit an underground cemetery and find a Crystal Skull along with some Spanish doubloons
(eight escudo gold coins) and "pieces of eight" (eight reale silver coins).
Indiana Jones Crystal Skull
1. Title
Here, he and a young man "Mutt" go to Peru to hunt for magical "Crystal Skulls".
They dig into an old cemetary looking for the remains of early Spanish explorers.
They find the remains, some old Spanish coins, and, of course, a Crystal Skull.
The skull attracts metals like a magnet, but it attracts non-magnetic metals like gold and silver.
Later the pair are captured by Russians and taken to Brazil to look for more Crystal Skulls.
Indiana Jones meets an old girlfriend and finds out that Mutt is his son.
Indiana Jones Crystal Skull
2. Mutt and Indiana wander about a Peruvian market
Indiana Jones Crystal Skull
3. Indiana finds a pile of old Spanish gold and silver coins
Indiana Jones Crystal Skull
4. Indiana holds some coins
Indiana Jones Crystal Skull
5. The coins fly off to an old Spanish helmet and stick there
The coins appear to be Spanish gold doubloons and silver "pieces of eight" or eight reales coins.
These 16th to 18th century coins were made by the millions in Spanish America.
They were beloved by pirates everywhere.
Indiana Jones Crystal Skull
6. Indiana wonders why since gold and silver coins are not magnetic
Indiana Jones Crystal Skull
7. A Crystal Skull with a silver coin attached
It appears to be a Spanish Silver eight reale coin known as a "Cob".
Indiana Jones Crystal Skull
8. Later Indiana is captured by Russians, the lead Russian shows her loyalty to the CCCP (USSR).
Indiana Jones Crystal Skull
9. Indiana and Mutt meet Marion, Indiana's girl friend from the first film
She informs Indiana of the nature of his relationship to Mutt.
Indiana Jones Crystal Skull
10. The Hero gets the Girl
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood
Shia LaBeouf as Mutt Williams
Cate Blanchett as Irina Spalko
Director: Steven Spielberg
Writers: David Koepp and George Lucas
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