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Gun Duel in Durango (1957)
Various tokens used as prop coins
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This United Artists Western film has a scene where various tokens of different sizes are used to
represent silver coins.
The film has the standard story of an outlaw who wants to settle down with his woman
and live a law-abiding life but his old gang won't let him.
The films stars George Montgomery as Dan Tomlinson, an outlaw, who decides to "go straight" and
live a law-abiding life with his girlfriend Judy (Ann Robinson).
He encounters a young orphan boy Robbie and brings him to join his girlfriend, who doesn't trust him but
warms up to the boy.
Dan somehow gets a job as a bank teller, his old gang finds out and robs his bank of some bags of
gold and silver money.
The coined money is shown using various tokens.
Gun Duel in Durango
1. Dan, Judy, and Robbie at home
Gun Duel in Durango
2. The sheriff arrives
He has found an incriminating bank bag of silver coins.
Gun Duel in Durango
3. Bank bag of bank silver coins
The tokens include:
The "Radiant Eagle Game Counter" token which has an eagle on the front and a number on the back.
The "President James Monroe" token which has Monroe facing on the front and a bird on the back.
Radiant Eagle Ten Token
4. Radiant Eagle Game Counter Token
Brass, 32mm, 13.83gm
Eagle with wings raised standing on leaves and arrows
Number '10' in box within wreath
President Monroe Bird Paradise
5. Los Angeles Rubber Stamp Company - Motion Picture Prop Coin - Bird of Paradise
White metal, 35mm, 9.28gm
Obverse: President James Monroe facing half left, no text
Reverse: Bird of Paradise and man kneeling in temple surrounded by eight-pointed rounded star, no text
These tokens were made for motion picture use.
Gun Duel in Durango
6. Judy has doubts
Dan realizes he has to deal with the outlaws and rides off.
Gun Duel in Durango
7. Outlaws at their hideout cabin
While these outlaws are eating, Dan has silenced their lookout man.
The outlaws then leave their cabin and start shooting at Dan.
Gun Duel in Durango
8. Blazing guns
Gun Duel in Durango
9. Outlaws pay the price
Gun Duel in Durango
10. Happy ending
George Montgomery as Dan Tomlinson
Ann Robinson as Judy Ollivant
Steve Brodie as Jake Dunsten (Outlaw leader)
Bobby Clark as Robbie Donovan
Director: Sidney Salkow
Writer: Louis Stevens
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