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Gangs of New York (2002)
Various US gold and silver coins from the 1860's
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The 2002 Miramax film "Gangs of New York" is set in early 1860's New York City
during the American Civil War.
Several scenes show US gold and silver coins of the period.
The film is set in the "Five Points" area of New York City and is about conflicts between native-born
Protestant Americans and Irish Catholic immigrants.
Gangs of New York
1. Title
In 1846 Irish boy Amsterdam Vallon is around six years old.
Gangs of New York
2. Priest Vallon pins medal on son Amsterdam
Amsterdam's father Priest Vallon gives him a religious medal of St. Michael vanquishing Satan.
Gangs of New York
3. The medal, St. Michael vanquishes Satan
Priest is the leader of a group of Irish immigrants and they are going to fight a group of native-born
Americans for control of the Five Points area.
The leader of the "Natives" is Bill Cutting, and during the fight, Bill kills Priest.
The boy is sent to an orphanage/reform school and is discharged 16 years later in 1862.
Gangs of New York
4. Amsterdam as adult leaving reform school
The American Civil War is raging and New York City has pro-Union and pro-Confederacy groups.
Gangs of New York
5. Pro-Lincoln advertisement in 1862
Bill Cutting is still a gang leader but has become "respectable" and decides to enter politics.
Gangs of New York
6. Bill Cutting enters politics
Bill goes to see William "Boss" Tweed, the head of the Democratic Party or "Tammany Hall"
political machine.
Gangs of New York
7. Boss Tweed in his office
Bill arranges to get votes for Boss Tweed.
Gangs of New York
8. The Five Points area
The Five Points area in lower New York is the poorest part of the city and located near the waterfront.
Bill and Amsterdam know Jenny Everdeane, a pretty local Irish girl.
Gangs of New York
9. Jenny Everdeane
Jenny is a pickpocket and sometimes impersonates a maid to enter wealthy houses and steal goods.
She is much admired for refusing to sell her body.
Bill watches some Chinese immigrants play an early board game.
Gangs of New York
10. Playing early board game for money
Some Liberty Seated silver dollars are shown.
Bill is at his headquarters with his cronies.
Gangs of New York
11. Bill and friends play cards
Bill and some friends play cards, this time Whist not Poker.
Gangs of New York
12. Money on the table
The coins appear to be Liberty Seated dollars and quarters (25¢)
Amsterdam has joined Bill's group; Bill apparently doesn't recognize the lad as the son of the
man he killed many years before.
Bill sends Amsterdam and some men to rob a ship in the harbor.
They find a dead policeman and Bill finds a way to dispose of the body and make some money.
Gangs of New York
13. Amsterdam sells something
Amsterdam sells the body to a medical researcher as a "body-snatcher".
Gangs of New York
14. Payment in hand
The coins appear to be Liberty Seated dollars and a Liberty Head five-dollar gold coin.
Jenny is practicing her pickpocket trade, she gets Amsterdam's religious medal, then boards a bus,
and drops a dime in front of a well-dressed man.
Gangs of New York
15. Dime on the floor
The dime appears to be a Liberty Seated dime (10¢).
Jenny engages the man in conversation while she robs him.
Amsterdam follows her and at a secluded spot demands his medal back.
Jenny has several stolen medals and invites him to pick his out.
Gangs of New York
16. Amsterdam retrieves his medal
Things are becoming more violent in New York in July 1863.
The Union has instituted a military draft and there is a lot of local resistance.
The city is full of ethnic and racial groups who don't get along.
The Natives and the Irish gangs decide to hold another battle.
They agree not to use guns but knives and other weapons are all right.
Gangs of New York
17. The Natives line up
Bill Cutting is at the head of this group.
Gangs of New York
18. The Irish line up
Amsterdam has left Bill's employ and is with the Irish.
Gangs of New York
19. The Five Points area
Riots sweep the city, the rioters burn buildings and attack wealthy houses and offices, including
those of Boss Tweed.
Gangs of New York
20. Boss Tweed in his office with medals on the table
Tweed is ready for attacks and there are a pair of large medals on a desk behind him.
The rioters set P.T. Barnum's exhibit on fire and the wild animals escape into the streets.
Gangs of New York
21. Wild times in New York
The two gangs converge for their fight, soldiers are brought in to stop the riots, and warships shell the city.
Amsterdam and Bill engage in combat with Bill dying.
Gangs of New York
22. Revenge at last
Jenny shows up and she and Amsterdam walk away.
Leonardo DiCaprio as Amsterdam Vallon
Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill Cutting
Cameron Diaz as Jenny Everdeane
Jim Broadbent as William 'Boss' Tweed
Director: Martin Scorsese
Writers: Jay Cocks, Steven Zaillian, Kenneth Lonergan
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