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The Black Dakotas (1954)
Western film features gold coins and cowboys and Indians
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The 1954 Columbia Pictures film "The Black Dakotas" is set in the American Dakota Territory in 1864
during the American Civil War.
A United States government agent arrives to buy peace with the Indian tribes, and $130,000 in gold
is following him.
A Southern Confederate agent arrives, murders the US agent, and impersonates him.
The gold, when it arrives, is in gold coin.
Black Dakotas
1. Title
Zachary Paige is a United States government agent riding on a stagecoach to the town of Good Luck
in the Dakota Territory.
Black Dakotas
2. Holdup
The stagecoach has the emblem of the town of Good Luck.
The stage is held up by a Confederate agent and his gang, and the Confederate Brock Marsh
takes Paige's papers, kills him, and impersonates him.
The Confederate gang's official reason is to take the gold south to help the rebels, who, in 1864,
are losing the war.
Marsh then heads into the town of Good Luck.
Black Dakotas
3. Marsh arrives in town
Marsh tells his version of the holdup to sheriff Mike Daugherty.
Standing next to Marsh with the red bandana is Joe Woods, who knows who Marsh really is.
Since Marsh is supposed to be a government agent negotiating a treaty, he visits the Indians.
There are two Indian chiefs, War Cloud is older and in favor of the treaty, and Black Buffalo,
who is against it and doesn't like settlers in general.
Black Dakotas
4. Marsh meets Black Buffalo
Black Buffalo has Marsh tied up and plans to set him on fire, but relents and allows him to fight
for his life with an Indian. Sheriff Mike Daugherty and some men arrive, free Marsh, and head back to town.
Another Confederate agent, Lawrence, is arrested and is to be executed in the traditional Western manner.
His daughter, Ruth Lawrence, arrives to protest the hanging.
Black Dakotas
5. Ruth and her Winchester
The mob disarms her and proceeds with the event, she then leaves and joins her lover, Sheriff Mike.
Later Mike meets with a group of men and is informed that the guarded stagecoach with the gold
will soon arrive.
Black Dakotas
6. Mike suspicious
Mike has become suspicious of Marsh after a couple of local men are killed and a well-dressed man's
body was found near the scene of the stagecoach robbery.
Woods has discovered that Marsh intends to keep the gold for himself and cuts himself in on the deal.
The pair go on another trip, this time to meet the head chief War Cloud.
Black Dakotas
7. Marsh and Woods meet Chief War Cloud
They come to some agreement, and then find Mike and Ruth, who are captured, then Mike escapes.
Marsh, Woods, and their gang leave Ruth and head out to hijack the stage.
Black Dakotas
8. Marsh's men waiting for money stage
The money stage arrives guarded by US Cavalry.
Black Dakotas
9. The money stage
The robbery gang overpowers the guards and takes a strongbox with the gold.
Black Dakotas
10. Marsh and Joe with the goods
The gold is in the form of gold coins packed in bags.
Ruth has unfortunately arrived to see Marsh shoot his partner.
Black Dakotas
11. Marsh shoots his partner
Marsh flees on horseback with the gold, but the Indians arrive, forcing Marsh to turn around.
Black Dakotas
12. Marsh fleeing Indians
Marsh drops the bags of gold onto the ground.
Black Dakotas
13. The goods on the ground
These appear to be standard "Radiant Eagle" game tokens or prop coins.
Radiant Eagle Token
14. Radiant Eagle Game Counter Token
Sheriff Mike manages to catch up with Marsh and he is presumably hung.
The Indian chiefs come into town to sign the treaty and pick up the money.
Black Dakotas
15. Treaty signed
Gary Merrill as Brock Marsh / Zachary Paige
Wanda Hendrix as Ruth Lawrence
John Bromfield as Mike Daugherty
Noah Beery Jr. as Gimpy Joe Woods
Richard Webb as Frank Gibbs
Jay Silverheels as Black Buffalo
John War Eagle as Chief War Cloud
Director: Ray Nazarro
Writers: Ray Buffum, DeVallon Scott
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