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Time To Kill (1942)
Michael Shayne and the legendary Brasher Doubloon
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The 1942 Twentieth Century Fox film "Time To Kill" is about a stolen Brasher Doubloon, a very rare
privately made gold coin from 1787.
The film is based on Raymond Chandler's 1942 novel "The High Window" and stars Lloyd Nolan
as detecive Michael Shayne who is hired by a wealthy woman to locate the coin supposedly stolen by
her son's showgirl wife.
Shayne encounters a group of gangsters who are making copies of the coin to sell to collectors.
The film shows a coin catalog photographs of the coin and a good copy of the coin is used as a prop.
Brasher Doubloons are extremely rare gold coins produced around 1787 by New York goldsmith
Ephraim Brasher who wanted to get a contract to operate a mint for the new US government.
According to the novel, authentic Brasher Doubloon's were worth around $10,000 to collectors in 1942.
They are worth more now, one sold for $4,500,000 in January 2014.
Time To Kill
1. Title
The 1942 film "Time To Kill" is based on Raymond Chandler's 1942 novel "The High Window",
and on Brett Halliday's Michael Shayne detective character.
The film stars Lloyd Nolan as detective Michael Shayne and Doris Merrick as Linda Conquest.
The film is only one-hour long and thus fast-paced.
The coin used as a prop in the film is a replica, supposedly many were made over the years.
Private detective Michael Shayne (Philip Marlowe in the book) is hired by Mrs. Murdock,
an elderly nasty woman, to find a rare coin, a Brasher Doubloon, which was stolen from her.
She suspects her son's ex-wife, Linda Conquest, a nightclub singer.
Mrs. Murdock says "I have an idiot for a son".
She shows Shayne a photo of the coin from a coin book, and tells him it is a gold coin
about the size of a United States $20 gold coin, minted in 1787, usually worth several thousand dollars,
but her's is worth more because the initials are on the left wing of the eagle.
Michael heads out and interviews a friend of Linda by a pool, and then gets involved with
nightclubs and gangsters.
He meets Linda, then meets a shady coin dealer who was offered the coin.
They lead to murders, and a scheme to make copies of the coin using dental equipment.
The idea is to make and sell copies to coin dealers.
Michael Shayne figures it all out and explains things to a police lieutenant.
The film was remade in 1947 as "The Brasher Doubloon".
Time To Kill
2. Lloyd Nolan as Michael Shayne
Time To Kill
3. Mrs. Murdock
Time To Kill
4. Mrs. Murdock shows Shayne a book with a description of a Brasher Doubloon
Time To Kill
5. Coin illustration from book titled "Early United States Coinage"
The coin is called a "Brasher's doubloon".
Time To Kill
6. Shayne conducts a pool-side interview
Time To Kill
7. Coin dealer's office door sign
Time To Kill
8. Coin dealer with magnifier
Time To Kill
9. Shayne meets the dealer and asks him about the coin he saw
Time To Kill
10. Linda Conquest meets Shayne, he then finds a receipt
Time To Kill
11. Receipt with names of chemicals
Kerr's Crystobolite and White's Albastone, they are still being made today.
Time To Kill
12. Envelope addressed to Shayne with coin in it, registered
Time To Kill
13. Shayne opening box
Time To Kill
14. Coin in box, labeled "Brasher Doubloon"
Time To Kill
15. Shayne and police lieutenant at dealer's office after he is killed
Shayne explains his presence, "I'm a numismatist, a coin collector to you".
Time To Kill
16. Mrs. Murdock receives the coin from Shayne
After telling him the coin was returned to her earlier.
Time To Kill
17. Returned coin
Time To Kill
18. Dentist explains the use of the chemicals on the receipt
Shayne figures out that the dental equipment is being used to make copies of the stolen coin.
Time To Kill
19. Shayne explains things to the police lieutenant
Counterfeiters, killers, even Mrs. Murdock killing her husband.
Lloyd Nolan as Michael Shayne
Doris Merrick as Linda Conquest Murdock
Director: Herbert I. Leeds
Writers: Clarence Upson Young, Raymond Chandler (novel)
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