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Three Coins in the Fountain (1954)
A US penny is mentioned, also a familiar pose
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The 1954 Twentieth Century Fox film "Three Coins in the Fountain" doesn't actually show any coins
but the title makes it interesting.
Three American young women go to Rome to work and find romance.
The story involves throwing coins into Rome's Trevi Fountain and wishing to return to Rome.
The movie was filmed there and was a big hit at the time.
In one scene the three women line up in imitation of an ancient Roman coin design.
Three Coins in the Fountain
1. Title
Early in the film, the three girls visit the Trevi Fountain.
There is a legend that if someone throws a coin into the fountain, he or she will return to Rome.
The girls discuss the legend and describe throwing "pennies" into the fountain.
Two of the girls, Dorothy and Maggie, throw coins into the fountain, but Jean declines
as she is "leaving Rome".
The film ends happily as all three girls find love.
Three Coins in the Fountain
2. Rome traffic circle with few cars in 1954
Three Coins in the Fountain
3. The famous Trevi Fountain, the fountain of the film title
Three Coins in the Fountain
4. The girls drive up to the Trevi Fountain
Three Coins in the Fountain
5. Frances and Maria at the fountain
Three Coins in the Fountain
6. Maria and Anita at the fountain
Three Coins in the Fountain
7. The three girls, Anita, Maria, and Frances
The three girls in this scene may be posed similar to the reverse of this ancient Roman coin:
Caligula coin copy
8. Caligula Three Sisters coin copy
This is a copy of a Roman coin of Caligula based on Roman Imperial Coins (RIC) Caligula 33.
The sisters of Caligula are standing and bearing the attributes of various goddesses.
Due to the notoriety of the emperor and the design, this coin has been copied for centuries.
Three Coins in the Fountain
9. Maggie gets ready to throw a "penny" into the fountain
The coin appears to be light colored, silver or aluminum, a different color and larger than a US cent.
Three Coins in the Fountain
10. The film ends with all three girls meeting their lovers at the fountain
Dorothy McGuire as Miss Frances
Jean Peters as Anita Hutchins
Maggie McNamara as Maria Williams
Clifton Webb as John Frederick Shadwell
Louis Jourdan as Prince Dino di Cessi
Rossano Brazzi as Georgio Bianchi
Director: Jean Negulesco
Writers: John Patrick, John H. Secondari (novel)
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