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River Of No Return (1954)
Marilyn Monroe sings about a silver dollar
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The 1954 Twentieth Century Fox film "River Of No Return" features Marilyn Monroe singing a
song about a silver dollar but the coin does not appear in the film.
Later she is joined by Robert Mitchum and young boy as they are forced to ride a raft down a
dangerous river.
The film is set in the 1870's or 1880's in the American Northwest and was filmed mostly in the
Canadian National Parks of Banff and Jasper.
There is a "River of No Return" in Idaho named the Salmon River, but the river in the film is not named.
River Of No Return
1. Title
Marilyn Monroe is an entertainer who has been singing in a saloon in a wild Northwest mining town.
River Of No Return
2. Marilyn sings the song, "One Silver Dollar"
One silver dollar
Bright silver dollar
Changing hands, changing hands
Love is a shining dollar
Bright as a church bell's chime
Gambled and spent and wasted
The silver dollar could be a United States Liberty Seated type or a Morgan type.
Rancher Robert Mitchum has been away for some time and he returns to the town to find his son
Tommy Rettig who has been running errands for Marilyn.
The three meet at Marilyn's saloon.
River Of No Return
3. Robert meets Marilyn
Rory Calhoun is a professional gambler who has won or cheated a miner of a valuable gold claim.
He wants to go to the county seat to file the claim and needs money, which he gets from Marilyn.
They pass themselves off as married but are not.
River Of No Return
4. Rory Calhoun and Marilyn
Harry and Marilyn obtain a wooden river boat and head down the unnamed "River of No Return".
Robert and Tommy are not miners but work a small ranch along the river, they head for their ranch.
River Of No Return
5. Robert and Tommy in their cabin
Dangerous Indians live in the area and Robert has to show Tommy how to survive.
River Of No Return
6. Robert teaches Tommy how to shoot
The rifle appears to be a Marlin model 1893, but that does not mean the film is set after that year.
Harry and Marilyn arrive on their raft, meet Robert and Tommy.
The dishonest Harry steals Robert's horse and rifle and leaves on the horse.
Indians arrive and Robert, Tommy, and Marilyn get onto the raft and head down the river.
River Of No Return
7. Marilyn, Tommy, and Robert on the raft
The three spend the days on the river, sometimes riding rapids, and spending the nights camping.
Robert and Marilyn become closer as Marilyn regrets her choice in men.
River Of No Return
8. Robert and Marilyn
The budding romance is broken up by an Indian attack.
River Of No Return
9. Indians attack
The three fight off the Indians and arrive at the county seat.
River Of No Return
10. Arrival at destination
Robert intends to fight or kill Harry, Marilyn visits Harry to warn him, Harry tries to shoot Robert
but is shot by young Tommy.
At first Marilyn resumes her singing career but then Robert convinces her to go with him and Tommy.
River Of No Return
11. Riding away
Robert Mitchum as Matt Calder
Marilyn Monroe as Kay Weston
Tommy Rettig as Mark Calder
Rory Calhoun as Harry Weston
Director: Otto Preminger
Writers: Frank Fenton, Louis Lantz
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