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The Mark of Zorro (1940)
Zorro rescues a chest of gold coins in old Spanish California
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The 1940 20th Century Fox film "Mark of Zorro" is set in the small Spanish Califoria town of Los Angeles,
early in the 19th century.
Diego Vega, a young nobleman born in California, attends an officer school in Spain.
He returns to California to find that his father has been forcibly removed as Alcalde (Mayor) of the town
and that the new town Alcalde, Don Luis Quintero, along with the local military chief,
Captain Esteban Pasquale, are running the town under a dictatorship and oppressing the residents by
constantly raising and collecting taxes.
Diego poses as an effeminate fop or dandy but soon assumes a second identity as a masked outlaw
"Zorro" or "The Fox".
Zorro eventually leads a revolution and convinces the Alcalde to resign and move to Spain.
A peasant pays taxes in coins which sit on the tax collector's desk, and later a chest of coins is
found in the local church.
The Mark of Zorro
1. Title
Diego Vega returns from Spain to Los Angeles, California.
He hears about the dictatorial activities of the new mayor and then gets to meet him.
The Mark of Zorro
2. Captain Pasquale, Inez Quintero, Don Luis Quintero, Diego Vega
Don Luis Quintero is the Alcalde or Mayor, he is married to Inez who does not the rural life in California
and wants to go to fashionable Spain.
Captain Pasquale is the chief of the local military force and is Don Luis' partner.
Diego heads home to see his family along with Father Felipe, a monk or friar.
The Mark of Zorro
3. Fray Felipe, Diego, Alejandro and Isabella Vega
Don Alejandro, Diego's father, describes the oppression but refuses to condone a revolution.
Diego insists that he cares only about fashion and clothes, and appears to be a "fop" or dandy,
which makes his parents unhappy.
Zorro makes his first appearance in town.
The Mark of Zorro
4. Zorro appears in town
Zorro replaces the mayor's latest tax increase proclamation with one of his own.
To all men in the district of Los Angeles be it known that Luis Quintero is a thief and an
enemy of the people and cannot long escape my vengeance - Zorro
Zorro also leaves his mark, hence the title of the film.
The Mark of Zorro
5. The Mark of Zorro
The mark is a letter 'Z' made with his sword.
The Quinteros are out for a ride when they have to stop.
The Mark of Zorro
6. Zorro catches the Quinteros
Zorro relieves Don Luis of his money bag and Inez of a necklace.
In town the tax collector assembles the peasants for a new round of taxes.
The Mark of Zorro
7. Paying taxes
A peasant pleads for relief but is refused, and then puts his money on the table.
The Mark of Zorro
8. Money on the table
These appear to be standard motion picture prop coins.
Diego meets Lolita Quintero, Inez' niece.
The Mark of Zorro
9. Diego meets Lolita Quintero
Zorro posts another notice.
Good people of Los Angeles
Do not give up hope Luis Quintero will soon resign and leave for Spain
or his blood shall drip from my sword - Zorro
The mayor offers rewards for Zorro of 5,000 pesos and then 20,000 pesos.
Captain Pasquale finds out that Father Felipe has been assisting Zorro and confronts him.
The captain finds a chest of money, too much for a church man to have, he doesn't need to be
Sherlock Holmes to figure that the Father is keeping the proceeds of Zorro's robberies.
The Mark of Zorro
10. Captain Pasquale finds the money
The captain opens the chest.
The Mark of Zorro
11. The money chest
These are unusual prop coins.
The captain takes the Father to the local jail and then sees the Mayor.
The pair have finally discovered that Diego is Zorro.
Diego appears and argues with the captain leading to a climactic swordfight.
The Mark of Zorro
12. Diego and the Captain square off
Diego bests the captain but is then arrested by the soldiers.
Diego tells the jail guard that he can change copper centavos into gold coins, and lures him into the cell,
allowing Diego and Father Felipe to escape.
The pair appear in town where the soldiers are trying to break up a demonstration.
Their appearance causes a revolution.
The Mark of Zorro
13. The revolution
The mayor announces that he has decided to resign and move to Spain.
The Mark of Zorro
14. Alcalde Quintero resigns
Diego and Lolita are together with Inez who is happy about leaving dull California and moving to Spain.
Originally Diego was to return to Spain but he decides not to.
The Mark of Zorro
15. Diego and Lolita
They announce that they are going to raise "fat babies" in California.
Tyrone Power as Diego Vega
Linda Darnell as Lolita Quintero
Basil Rathbone as Capt. Esteban Pasquale
J. Edward Bromberg as Don Luis Quintero
Gale Sondergaard as Inez Quintero
Eugene Pallette as Fray Felipe
Director: Rouben Mamoulian
Writers: John Taintor Foote, Garrett Fort, Bess Meredyth, Johnston McCulley ("The Curse of Capistrano")
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