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Lust For Gold (1949)
Arizona's legendary Lost Dutchman Mine and gold coins
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The 1949 Columbia Pictures film "Lust For Gold" tells the legend of Arizona's legendary Lost Dutchman Mine.
Stacks of gold coins appear a few times in the film.
The film was based on Barry Storm's 1945 book "Thunder Gods' Gold", but the film writers took
major liberties with Storm's book.
A film advertisement read: "A true story of love, jealousy, and murder ... of $20,000,000 in buried gold!".
Spanish gold doubloon coins were shown in some of the advertisements for the film but do not appear
in the film itself.
Lust For Gold
1. Title
The film shows a letter signed by Arizona's Governor in 1948, Dan E. Garvey.
Lust For Gold
2. Governor's Letter
Executive Office
Phoenix, Arizona
The picture which you are about to see represents, to the best of our knowledge,
the true facts concerning this unusual situation, as substantiated by historical records and
legends of the State of Arizona.
Dan E. Garvey
Governor of Arizona
The film starts in modern-day (1949) Florence, Arizona, about 50 miles east of Phoenix.
A road sign gives the location as the Superstition Mountain range.
Lust For Gold
3. Superstition Mountains
Barry Storm arrives in Arizona and contacts treasure hunter Floyd Buckley.
Floyd has a map to the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine and Barry introduces himself as the grandson
of Jacob Walz, the German immigrant who discovered the mine.
Barry asks Floyd if he can accompany him but Floyd prefers to work alone.
Floyd heads into the mountains followed by Barry.
Lust For Gold
4. Floyd hiking into the mountains
A sniper kills Floyd with a high-powered rifle and the Pinal County sheriffs recover the body.
Lust For Gold
5. Sheriff's office
Barry Storm finds Floyd's map.
Lust For Gold
6. Treasure map
Deputy Covin tells Storm about the mine. Around 1848 Spaniard Pedro Peralta led a group
to the area and mined $20,000,000 worth of gold. The Spaniards left markings on the rocks to
locate their mines. Apache Indians massacred the miners because they had trespassed onto the
sacred land of the Apache "Thunder Gods". The Indians then covered up the gold with rocks.
Barry heads into the mountains with Covin and Deputy Walter, an Indian, to look for the mine.
They find some old Spanish inscriptions on rocks which might lead to the mines.
Lust For Gold
7. Treasure signs
Unknown to Barry, the sniper is around.
Lust For Gold
8. Arizona sniper
The sniper leaves Barry alone, and after an encounter with a rattlesnake, Barry finds an old rifle.
At the sheriff's office he finds that it might have belonged to Jacob Walz.
Barry he heads to the Old Pioneer's Home and talks to a woman resident.
Lust For Gold
9. Barry interviews old pioneer
The lady tells him that she was a little girl in 1880 when Jacob Walz, the "Dutchman",
was in the area. She remembers him as a very mean man.
Walz was known as the "Dutchman" as that was a term for a German immigrant.
Pedro Peralta's brother Ramon has taken a group into the mountains to find the family mine.
Jacob and his partner Wiser have followed them.
Lust For Gold
10. Jacob and Wiser
The pair ambush and kill the miners.
Lust For Gold
11. Ambush
Jacob then murders his partner, buries all of the bodies, and takes a load of the previously mined
gold to Florence, the nearest town.
He sells the gold to an assay office and receives several thousand dollars in gold coins,
which by their size appear to be United States $20 gold coins.
Of course these are prop coins.
Lust For Gold
12. Jacob gets gold coin for his gold
The news of the gold discovery spreads rapidly and a crowd gathers.
Among them is Julia Thomas, a married woman who runs a bakery.
Lust For Gold
13. Julia watches the excitement
Julia and her husband Pete have been arguing over money as Pete has never made very much.
Jacob has been celebrating and drinking in a bar and later collapses in front of Julia's bakery.
She takes him in to sleep off the liquor.
Jacob wakes up and finds his goods and money on a table.
Lust For Gold
14. Jacob finds his goods neatly stacked
Another pile of coins and a pistol.
Julia speaks German and the pair begin courting.
Lust For Gold
15. Julia and Jacob courting
After a few dates, Julia tells Jacob about her husband and suggest that she can bribe
him to divorce her.
Jacob, in town, finds out that Julia is just after his gold, and he gives her a map.
Lust For Gold
16. Jacob shows Julia his map
Julia and husband Pete head into the mountains to look for the mine.
Lust For Gold
17. Julia and Pete in the mountains
Jacob follows the pair to his mine and, using a rifle, forces them to hide in the rocks.
Lust For Gold
18. Julia and Pete pinned down at the mine
The pair begin fighting over the little water they have.
Lust For Gold
19. Jacob watches the pair fight for water
Julia stabs Pete, tells Jacob she wants him, then an earthquake covers all three with rocks
along with the mine. The actual earthquake occurred on May 3, 1887.
Back in modern Arizona, Barry is at the sheriff's office, he has been looking at coroner's records,
detailing the many men who later died looking for the mine, some killed by the sniper.
Lust For Gold
20. Coroner's records of Pinal County
Armed with his new information, Barry heads into the mountains again.
Lust For Gold
21. Barry heads into the mountains
He finds the Spanish treasure signs.
Lust For Gold
22. Spanish treasure signs
Barry then encounters Deputy Covin.
Lust For Gold
23. Barry meets Deputy Covin
Covin has his pistol out and tells Barry that he has been looking for the mine for twenty years
and that no one else is going to find it.
Barry is able to engage Covin into a fight for survival.
Lust For Gold
24. Fight on the rocks
Barry gets assistance from a rattlesnake.
Lust For Gold
25. Covin gets bitten
Deputy Walter arrives to recover the body.
Lust For Gold
26. Deputy Walter arrives
Deputy Walter was sent by the sheriff who has long suspected Covin of being the sniper.
Walter leaves with Covin's body, Sheriff Early arrives, and he and Barry decide to stay.
One of the Spanish markers indicated that the moon would line up with the mine location.
Lust For Gold
27. The Sign of the Moon
Barry realizes that there is only one day in the year that this sign will locate the mine.
Lust For Gold
28. Barry and the sheriff
Barry tells the sheriff that he will be back at the right time.
Glenn Ford as Jacob Walz
Edgar Buchanan as Wiser
Ida Lupino as Julia Thomas
Gig Young as Pete Thomas
William Prince as Barry Storm
Will Geer as Deputy Ray Covin
Paul Ford as Sheriff Lynn Early
Jay Silverheels as Deputy Walter
Director: S. Sylvan Simon
Writers: Ted Sherdeman, Richard English, Barry Storm (book)
Barry Storm didn't like the film and attempted to sue the film company.
One newspaper headline read "Sees Own Movie, Files Suit".
Barry did not like being portrayed as the grandson of the wicked Jacob Walz,
and he didn't like the romance plot or the film's identity of the sniper.
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