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The Loves of Carmen (1948)
Rita Hayworth, Gypsies, and Spaniards wearing coins
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The 1948 Columbia film "The Loves of Carmen" shows some Spanish people of the early 19th century
wearing coins in ornate necklaces, earrings, and money belts.
The film is based on the famous story about Carmen, the beautiful Gypsy dancer and
the Spanish soldier who falls in love with her.
Rita Hayworth is the seductive Carmen and Glenn Ford is the soldier Don Jose.
Except for the story, this film has no connection to the Georges Bizet opera Carmen.
Rita, Glenn, and a Gypsy wear outfits which incorporate gold coins.
Loves of Carmen
1. Title
Loves of Carmen
2. Soldier Don Jose riding into town
Loves of Carmen
3. Carmen meets Don Jose
She is wearing a necklace of gold coins, if they were real gold the necklace would weigh a lot.
Spanish gold eight escudo coins or "doubloons" were still being used in Spain then.
A Spanish doubloon:
Mexico eight escudos 1806
4. Spain gold eight escudos "doubloon" 1806 - Mexico Mint
For more information on these items, please visit: Pirate Coins
Carmen lives with an older Gypsy woman who runs a restaurant.
Loves of Carmen
5. Gypsy woman wears lots of coins
Don Jose accidently kills his commanding officer and he and Carmen flee to the mountains.
They join an outlaw band and begin robbing stagecoaches and travellers.
Garcia, an old boyfriend of Carmen shows up.
Loves of Carmen
6. Garcia renews his acquaintence with Carmen
He wears gold coin earrings, if real they would also be heavy.
Loves of Carmen
7. The rugged terrain where the outlaws live
These scenes were filmed in California's Eastern Sierra mountains.
The peak in the background right is Mt. Williamson, California's second highest mountain.
Loves of Carmen
8. Don Jose and Carmen are constantly arguing about her boyfriends
She is wearing the money here.
Loves of Carmen
9. Don Jose wears an ornate money belt
Carmen meets a bullfighter and starts an affair with him.
Don Jose stabs her and is then shot by a soldier.
They die in each other's arms.
Rita Hayworth as Carmen
Glenn Ford as Don Jose
Victor Jory as Garcia
Director: Charles Vidor
Writers: Helen Deutsch and Prosper Mérimée (story)
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