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King Solomon's Mines (1950)
Ethiopian silver dollars used as medals
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The 1950 MGM film "King Solomon's Mines" shows some Ethiopian birrs or talaris (Ethopian silver dollars)
used as medals by African hunters.
The film is based on H. Rider Haggard's novel about an 1887 safari in Central Africa and
starred Stewart Granger as Allan Quatermain and Deborah Kerr as Elizabeth Curtis.
In one scene an African assistant hunter is killed by an elephant, he is shown wearing jewelry made from
silver dollar size coins.
King Solomon's Mines
1. Title
Allan Quatermain, a professional hunter, takes two clients, Elizabeth Curtis and her brother,
to search for Elizabeth's husband who is missing in Africa.
The husband went looking for a legendary treasure.
Early in the film, Allan's African assistant is killed by an elephant.
Allan removes a decoration from the man's neck to give to his wife.
The decoration appears to be two silver dollar sized coins joined by beads.
The coins have been identified as Ethiopian birrs or talaris (silver dollars).
Elizabeth and her brother appear and the three head into the African jungle
looking for the husband and the famous mines.
King Solomon's Mines
2. Two hunters in Africa, man in back is wearing coin necklace
King Solomon's Mines
3. Elephant shot, rolls onto native hunter
King Solomon's Mines
4. Allan comforting fallen man
King Solomon's Mines
5. Allan holding the two coins
King Solomon's Mines
6. Another view of one of the coins
The coins appear to be Ethiopian birrs or talaris (silver dollars).
Ethiopia birr 1889
7. Ethiopian birr or talari of King Menelik II
The date on the coin is the Ethiopian Era year 1889 (AD 1897).
They are the size of a US silver dollar (38mm) and were made from AD 1894 to 1904.
Elizabeth meets Allan and asks him to find her husband.
King Solomon's Mines
8. Allan and Elizabeth in his office
King Solomon's Mines
9. Elizabeth and Allan in the jungle
Deborah Kerr as Elizabeth Curtis
Stewart Granger as Allan Quatermain
Richard Carlson as John Goode
Directors: Compton Bennett, Andrew Marton
Writers: Helen Deutsch, H. Rider Haggard (novel)
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