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In Cold Blood (1967)
US silver dollar rolls under bed
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The 1967 Columbia film "In Cold Blood" shows a US silver dollar being handled.
The film is based on the book by Truman Capote about the 1959 murder of a wealthy farming family
in central Kansas by two ex-convicts looking for money.
The film stars Robert Blake as Perry and Scott Wilson as Dick, the two murderers.
In one scene Perry is searching the daughter's bedroom, finds a silver dollar, accidently
lets it roll under a bed, then has to reach under the bed to retrieve it.
In Cold Blood
1. The two men in a car plan their crime
A state prison convict tells two convicts that a Kansas farmhouse contains a safe with $10,000 in cash.
The two convicts are paroled and decide to rob the house and kill all of the residents.
Robert Blake and Scott Wilson appear as the convict killers Perry Smith and Dick Hickock.
The two are paroled and go to the farmhouse to rob the safe.
They find that there is no safe.
Perry ends up stealing a teenage girl's silver dollar.
In Cold Blood
2. Perry searches the girl's room with a flashlight
In Cold Blood
3. Perry finds a small purse
In Cold Blood
4. Perry opens the purse
In Cold Blood
5. Perry finds a silver dollar in the purse, which he takes
The coin appears to be a Morgan type silver dollar.
In Cold Blood
6. Perry drops the coin and it rolls under a dresser
Robert Blake as Perry
Scott Wilson as Dick
John Forsythe as Alvin Dewey
Will Geer as Prosecutor
Director: Richard Brooks
Writers: Richard Brooks, Truman Capote (book)
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