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A Hard Day's Night (1964)
The Beatles and British coins in a pub
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The 1964 United Artists film "A Hard Day's Night" follows the British musical group "The Beatles",
John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, from Liverpool to London
where they are to perform on a television show.
They are accompanied by Paul's grandfather.
The film shows some 1960's British money in a scene where Ringo enters a pub where some men are
playing a board game for small change.
The coins shown are from the £sd (pounds-shillings-pence) system, before Britain converted it's
currency to a decimal system in 1971.
A Hard Days Night
1. The lads riding a train
George, Ringo, John, and Paul
A Hard Days Night
2. Grandfather in a casino
A Hard Days Night
3. Ringo enters a pub
Some hard men are playing a board game for small change.
Ringo accidently drops some loose change on the board.
A Hard Days Night
4. The board with some game counters and coins
A British florin (2 shillings) and a threepence coin are visible.
A Hard Days Night
5. The board with some game counters and coins
An old British halfpenny is visible on the upper left.
A Hard Days Night
6. Young girls show their excitement
A Hard Days Night
7. The Beatles!
John Lennon as John
Paul McCartney as Paul
George Harrison as George
Ringo Starr as Ringo
Wilfrid Brambell as Grandfather
Director: Richard Lester
Writer: Alun Owen
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