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Gone with the Wind (1939)
Piles of gold and silver coins in a store
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The 1939 Selznick International Pictures film "Gone with the Wind" is based on the best-selling novel
written by Margaret Mitchell in 1936.
The film is set in Confederate Georgia during the American Civil War and deals with the effects
of the war and it's aftermath on civilians.
There is a scene set in a store where stacks of gold and silver coins appear.
Gold money is mentioned several times, "$150 in gold" for a dance and "$50 in gold" from a madam.
Gone with the Wind
1. Title
The actual title of the film was scrolled across the screen.
It is April 1861 and Scarlett O'Hara is the sixteen year old daughter of the Irish owner of "Tara",
a large Georgia cotton plantation. She is having two of her boyfriends over for a visit.
Gone with the Wind
2. Scarlett and friends
Scarlett's family plans to attend a party the next day at a neighboring plantation belonging
to the Wilkes family.
The family son, Ashley Wilkes, is considered by some to be unusual, as he is interested in
art and reading, besides the ordinary country pursuits of hunting and horse riding.
Scarlett has been in love with Ashley for a long time, but he has shown little interest in her.
Gone with the Wind
3. Scarlett gets bad news from her father
Scarlett's father, Gerald, tells her that Ashley intends to marry his cousin Melanie Hamilton.
The next day the guests arrive at the Wilkes' plantation.
Gone with the Wind
4. Scarlett greets Ashley
Unfortunately, Ashley's intended, Melanie Hamilton, arrives with her family.
Gone with the Wind
5. Melanie arrives
Also at the party is Frank Kennedy, an older man from a plantation, and Rhett Butler, a visitor from
Charleston, South Carolina, a man who has led an adventurous life, and has a reputation with women.
The main topic of discussion among the men is the secession of the Southern states.
Gone with the Wind
6. Rhett Butler
Rhett has lived in the North and is asked about secession and war, he replies that it is not a good idea,
as the Northern states have most of the railroads and factories.
The more radical secessionists consider Rhett unpatriotic, and he excuses himself.
Rhett accidently witnesses Scarlett's declaration of love to Ashley and his rebuff, then angers her
by kidding her about it.
The men at the party get the news that the Confederates have attacked the Federal Fort Sumter,
which begins the Southern Confederate secession and the Civil War.
Most of the young men are members of a local militia, expect to be called up to fight,
believe that the Confederates will win the conflict quickly, and they will be home soon.
Ashley marries Melanie, and Scarlett quickly charms Melanie's brother Charles into marrying her.
Charles and the other men head off to war and he dies quickly of measles.
The Confederates win early battles with Union troops and there are celebrations,
including a "Monster Bazaar" benefit for the Atlanta hospital.
Scarlett is "in mourning" and is not allowed to attend such events except to help out.
Dr. Meade, the organizer of the event, suggests a novel way to raise more money.
Gone with the Wind
7. Dr. Meade makes an announcement
Dr. Meade requests that men bid to dance with their women.
Rhett Butler is there, he has become a hero by bringing in merchandise and supplies by ship,
passing through a Union blockade.
He makes a public announcement of a bid for Scarlett.
Gone with the Wind
8. Rhett makes his bid
"One hundred and fifty dollars in gold for Mrs. Charles Hamilton"
This is a large amount of money and Scarlett accepts although she isn't supposed to.
Later, as the people are leaving, a flashily dressed lady named Belle asks to speak with Melanie.
Gone with the Wind
9. Melanie gets a contribution
Belle is the madam of a local house and offers a contribution to the hospital.
The hospital officials turned down the money due to Belle's occupation but Melanie accepts it.
Gone with the Wind
10. Melanie looks at the money
It's a great deal of money, ten, twenty, thirty, fifty!
And it's not our paper money, it's gold!
United States dollar 10 1850
11. United States $10 1850
An example of a United States $10 gold piece from the period.
Ashley has a short leave from the army and visits Melanie.
Later she discovers that she is pregnant.
Things start to go bad for the Confederacy and a large Union army heads for Atlanta.
The army camps outside the city and begins firing cannon shells into it.
Gone with the Wind
12. Union soldiers outside Atlanta
These soldiers are enjoying a respite from their work, playing cards and operating a still.
It is August of 1864, Melanie has delivered a baby boy, and is very weak.
Rhett arrives with a coach and drives Scarlett and Melanie away from the city.
Gone with the Wind
13. Rhett and Scarlett leave the city
Rhett drives the women through the country and stops near Scarlett's old plantation.
There he announces that he is going to join the Confederate Army.
Gone with the Wind
14. Rhett leaves Scarlett
She drives to the plantation expecting ruins, but finds the main building still standing.
Her father, sisters, and some servants are there but her mother has died.
Scarlett knows that they are going to need money and asks her father if he has any.
He tells her that he has some bonds and she asks him what kind.
Gone with the Wind
15. Scarlett and her father
He tells her "Confederate bonds of course", she sees that her father is no longer competent to
run the ranch, and she takes over.
A Union soldier enters the house looking for loot.
Gone with the Wind
16. Union soldier
He asks her what she has and she replies "nothing", however she has a pistol.
Gone with the Wind
17. Scarlett is waiting
He makes a move towards her and she shoots him.
Melanie hears the shot, runs to assist Scarlett, and they search the body and bags.
Gone with the Wind
18. Looking through the wallet
Scarlett finds some Union money which is still good.
Scarlett father runs into the house to announce that the war is over.
Gone with the Wind
19. The war is over
The war ends in April 1865 and Ashley and the surviving local soldiers return.
The area is occupied by Union troops and civilians known as "Carpetbaggers".
The Carpetbaggers arrange to charge a $300 tax in gold on Tara.
Scarlett needs to raise the $300 or she will lose the plantation.
A former employee, now a local carpetbagger, pays a visit to Tara.
Gone with the Wind
20. Carpetbagger visits
He offers to buy Tara but Scarlett turns him down.
She goes to see the only man who would have the amount of money needed to save Tara.
Gone with the Wind
21. Rhett and major playing cards
They play with the chips that are on the table as Rhett doesn't have any cash money.
Scarlett sees Rhett, he plays with her and then tells her he can't loan her any money.
Gone with the Wind
22. Scarlett meets Mr. Kennedy
Mr. Kennedy, a former soldier, has set up a store and is doing well.
Scarlett, accompanied by her servant, Mammy, meet Mr. Kennedy in front of his store.
Scarlett quickly charms him, marries him, and gets the money for the ranch.
She also takes over running Kennedy's store and lumber mill.
Melanie and the other Southern women are traditionalists and do not approve of
women running businesses.
Gone with the Wind
23. Melanie watches Scarlett counting money
Scarlet is holding currency notes and there are piles of coins on the table.
The coins look like ten and twenty dollar gold pieces and silver dollars, and are, no doubt,
prop coins or tokens.
The notes appear to be Mexican Revolution Sinaloa State notes, possibly authentic.
Paper Money Mexico Sinaloa
24. Mexican Revolution Sinaloa State 20 pesos (Front)
Paper Money Mexico Sinaloa
25. Mexican Revolution Sinaloa State 20 pesos (Back)
Ashley Wilkes and Frank Kennedy have joined a local vigilante group and Frank is killed during a raid.
Rhett, now having his money available and who has always admired Scarlett, seizes the opportunity.
Gone with the Wind
26. Rhett proposes
They are married and eventually have a daughter, Bonnie.
Gone with the Wind
27. Rhett teaches Bonnie how to ride
Bonnie is killed in a horse riding accident and Rhett and Scarlett drift apart.
Rhett starts drinking and becomes violent with Scarlett.
In the book Scarlett describes Rhett:
Drink and dissipation had done their work on the coin-clean profile and now it was no longer
the head of a young pagan prince on new-minted gold but a decadent, tired Caesar on copper
debased by long usage.
Gone with the Wind
28. Scarlett and Rhett arguing
Scarlett and Ashley are seen in a romantic position by some women and the news gets back to Rhett.
Melanie dies and Rhett suggests that Ashley is now available.
Rhett packs up his goods and leaves with Scarlett begging him not to, "What will I do?".
Gone with the Wind
29. Frankly my dear...
Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara
Clark Gable as Rhett Butler
Olivia de Havilland as Melanie Hamilton
Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes
Thomas Mitchell as Gerald O'Hara
Hattie McDaniel as Mammy
Director: Victor Fleming
Writers: Sidney Howard, Margaret Mitchell (novel)
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