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Gidget Goes to Rome (1963)
US Liberty Head 1898 $10 gold coin
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The 1963 Columbia film "Gidget Goes to Rome" features a US 1898 ten dollar gold coin which
also figures into the story.
This was the third and last "Gidget" film about the California surfer girl, based originally on the
novels by Frederick Kohner. A different actress played Gidget in each film.
The film stars Cindy Carol as Gidget (Frances Lawrence) and James Darren as her on-and-off
boyfriend Moondoggie.
Gidget lives in Los Angeles, but is going to go to Rome. Her parents give her a ten dollar gold piece
which has been in the family a long time.
She manages to lose it in Rome and works to recover it.
There is very little surfing in this film.
Gidget Goes to Rome
1. Title
In this film she does no surfing but spends most of the time in Rome.
She goes on the trip financed by her parents, and is followed by her boyfriend Jeff.
Early in the film, Gidget's mother gives her a $10 gold piece "for good luck".
The coin appears to be an 1898 Liberty Head type.
At one point, she throws a coin into Rome's Trevi Fountain, and realizes that she threw the gold coin in.
The Trevi Fountain was also the fountain in the 1954 film "Three Coins in the Fountain".
This film was made only a couple of years after the US Treasury Department permitted real
US coins and paper money to be shown in films.
Gidget Goes to Rome
2. Gidget's parents give her the coin before she leaves for Rome
Gidget Goes to Rome
3. The coin in Gidget's hand
It is an 1898 Liberty Head $10 gold piece in good shape with the full word "Liberty" showing.
A Liberty Head $10 gold coin:
United States Liberty Head $10 1897
4. United States Liberty Head $10 1897
Gidget Goes to Rome
5. Jeff gets to hold the coin
Gidget Goes to Rome
6. Gidget gets ready to throw a coin into Rome's Trevi fountain
Unfortunately, she throws the wrong coin.
Gidget Goes to Rome
7. Gidget wades into the fountain to retrieve the coin
She gets arrested by a policeman.
Gidget Goes to Rome
8. Gidget's locket and gold coin joins the coins in the fountain,
At the end of the film she and Jeff head back to the USA.
Cindy Carol as Gidget (Frances Lawrence)
James Darren as Moondoggie (Jeffrey Matthews)
Cesare Danova as Paolo Cellini
Danielle De Metz as Daniela
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writers: Ruth Brooks Flippen, Frederick Kohner (novel)
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