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Ghost (1990)
Indian Head cent and Lincoln cent
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The 1990 Paramount Pictures film "Ghost" shows a US Indian Head 1898 penny and a Lincoln cent
which appears to be a copper cent dated 1943.
The film stars Patrick Swayze as Sam Wheat, who becomes a ghost, Demi Moore as his girlfriend
Molly Jensen, and Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae Brown, a phony psychic who Sam is able to contact.
Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen are a couple living in New York City.
Early on, while remodeling an apartment, Sam finds an 1898 Indian Head cent.
Later, after he is murdered, he returns as a ghost and levitates a Lincoln cent.
1. Title
2. Working on loft
Carl Bruner, Sam Wheat, and Molly Jensen are working in the apartment loft.
Sam and Molly are a couple and are going to live there.
Sam works as an investment banker and Molly is an artist.
Carl is a co-worker of Sam's.
Sam finds a glass jar with a penny in it.
3. Indian Head cent dated 1898
4. Carl and Sam at office
Carl and Sam work at an investment firm.
Sam and Molly are walking home from a theater and a crook named Willie approaches Sam with a gun.
5. Willie the robber
While trying to steal his wallet, Willie shoots Sam.
Sam sees his own body on the ground and realizes that he is dead and is a ghost.
He is invisible to living people and can't talk to them, only to other ghosts.
6. Sorting Sam's effects
Sam watches Carl and Molly go through his things.
Sam wanders around New York and meets another ghost shows him how to move small objects
using mental force.
Sam sees a sign advertising Oda Mae Brown, a woman who claims to contacts the dead.
7. Oda Mae Brown working
Sam visits Oda Mae and finds that he can talk to her, something she has not experienced before.
He asks her to contact Molly and she does, but Oda Maehas a police record as a fraud and Molly
doesn't believe her.
Sam finds out that Carl is "laundering" money for criminals and hired Willie to get Sam's computer
password, which Sam kept in his wallet.
Sam also realizes that Carl is now after Molly and is a threat to her.
Sam arranges for Oda Mae to impersonate one of Carl's clients and withdraw $4,000,000
from the account.
8. Oda Maeand Sam move money
Sam briefs Oda Mae on what to tell the banker to prove that she is the owner of the account.
Oda Mae picks up a check which she gives to a charity when Sam warns her it is dangerous to keep.
Carl finds the money missing and learns about Oda Mae.
He and Willie head for Oda Mae's office, followed by Sam.
Sam warns Oda Mae and her friends to hide, then chases Willie away.
Willie runs into a busy street, is hit by a car, and dies.
9. Sam and Carl see Willie die
Sam also watches as goblins emerge and drag Willie down below.
Sam and Oda Mae visit Molly, but she distrusts Oda Maeand can not see Sam.
10. Sam visits Molly
Sam is in the room with Molly and Oda Mae pushes a penny under the door.
Sam is able to levitate the penny, showing Molly that he is there.
11. Penny floating in air
Oda Mae's penny appears to be a copper Lincoln cent, 1943-S.
12. Sam and Molly
Using Oda Mae as a conduit, Sam is able to touch Molly.
Carl is desperate to retrieve the stolen money and shows up at Molly's place with a gun.
Molly and Oda MaeMay hide in an attic and are followed by Carl.
13. Carl holds Molly hostage
Sam is able to get the gun away from Carl, Carl falls under a window and is killed.
14. Goblins come for Carl
Molly and Oda Mae can now see Sam and all three realize that with the threat gone,
it is time for Sam to move on to the next world.
15. Sam says goodbye
Patrick Swayze as Sam Wheat
Demi Moore as Molly Jensen
Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae Brown
Tony Goldwyn as Carl Bruner
Director: Jerry Zucker
Writer: Bruce Joel Rubin
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