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Easy Come, Easy Go (1967)
Elvis finds treasure "pieces of eight" and a 1960's coin store
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The 1967 Paramount Pictures film "Easy Come, Easy Go" features Elvis Presley as a former
US Navy diver who discovers a sunken ship and attempts to retrieve the contents.
Along the way he meets a pretty go-go dancer and yoga student and a pair of rival treasure hunters.
The film story location is not made specific but is most likely Southern California.
The treasure consists of a traditional treasure chest supposedly filled with Argentine silver
"pieces of eight" or eight reales coins which are dollar-sized silver coins made by the Spanish
colonies and their independent successors.
Some large prop coins are used for the coins in the film including one with an ancient Greek design.
A final scene is set in a 1960's coin store.
Easy Come Easy Go
1. Title
Elvis Presley is Ted Jackson, a US Navy Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Explosive Ordnance Disposal
(EOD) diving officer who is about to be separated from active duty.
Easy Come Easy Go
2. Elvis in uniform
The decorations he wears are the Coast Guard Silver Lifesaving, National Defense Service, and
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medals. All would be correct for the period.
Elvis and his service friends visit a local nightclub or "go-go joint".
Easy Come Easy Go
3. Elvis and the lads meet Jo
Jo Symington is a dancer with the club, and besides being a navy officer, Elvis is a singer.
He performs a song for the club patrons.
Easy Come Easy Go
4. Elvis performs
The Navy has one last job for Elvis, to defuse an old mine discovered by the Coast Guard.
It was supposedly left by a submarine some time ago (World War II?).
Two sailors take Elvis to the mine's location and they encounter a yacht with four civilians on it.
The yacht people later become the (fairly mild) villians of the story.
Easy Come Easy Go
5. The villians, Dina, Gil, henchgirls
Dina Bishop owns the yacht and Gil Carey is her boyfriend.
Elvis heads down to the mine and quickly opens it up and removes the detonator.
Easy Come Easy Go
6. Elvis defuses the mine
He spots a small shipwreck below and dives down to investigate it.
He finds an old coin.
Easy Come Easy Go
7. Closeups of the underwater prop coin
The prop coin appears to be a large size imitation of an ancient Greek silver tetradrachm with the
profile of the nymph Arethusa.
Gil enters the water, photographs Elvis at work, and swims back to his boat.
Elvis surfaces near the yacht and comes aboard.
Easy Come Easy Go
8. Elvis confronts the rivals
Elvis asks Gil for the camera film and doesn't notice Gil giving him a different film roll.
Elvis asks around and visits a local character, "Captain Jack" who runs a diving equipment shop.
Captain Jack tells Elvis that the sunken ship is the "Port of Call" which sank around the
turn of the century (1900). He sends Elvis to the Symington house where a descendant of a light house
keeper has more information. The descendant turns out to be Jo, the go-go dancer.
He visits the house which is also an artist's commune where a yoga class is going on.
Easy Come Easy Go
9. Elvis and the Yoga session
Elvis tries some Yoga positions and then finds Jo who takes him to an office.
He tells her he is doing research on ships for the Navy.
Easy Come Easy Go
10. Jo shows Elvis the manifest
The ship which sank was carrying a load of "Argentine silver pieces of eight" which would be worth
$30 each to coin collectors (in 1967).
Elvis, Captain Jack, and Judd Whitman, the nightclub owner, sail out to retrieve the chest.
Easy Come Easy Go
11. Elvis and Judd set sail
The boat behind them is named the "Billiken", possibly a "Lucky Billiken".
They have problems and head back to port, later Elvis visits Jo's artist commune and encounters a party.
Easy Come Easy Go
12. Back at the commune
Elvis picks up Jo, Judd, and the Captain, and they head back to the boat and then to the shipwreck site.
He dives down to the wreck and encounters Gil.
Easy Come Easy Go
13. Elvis and Gil fight
The men have a short fight and Elvis sends Gil to the surface.
He uses inflated inner tube devices to move the chest to his boat where it is opened.
Easy Come Easy Go
14. Chest opening
The chest is full of coins and the crew believes that they are rich.
The four head back to port and then to a coin dealer to sell the coins.
Easy Come Easy Go
15. Coin dealer examining coin
The prop coin appears to be a large copper coin.
Easy Come Easy Go
16. The coin is real
The dealer's store is filled with coin collecting supplies of the 1960's including blue Whitman albums.
Easy Come Easy Go
17. But it's copper not silver
On the shelf is Coins of the British World by Robert Friedberg, published in 1962, and
Paper Money of the United States also by Robert Friedberg, and published first in 1953.
The dealer informs them that the coins are copper and that "these coins are quite common and of
very little interest to numismatists"
Judd asks "Numismatist?", the Captain replies "That's Armenian for coin collector".
The dealer offers them $3,900 for the 13,000 coins.
Easy Come Easy Go
18. Copper!
Elvis and Jo are real unhappy but they accept the dealer's offer for the coins.
Behind them are coin decorations and a wall with coins in plastic flip holders.
Easy Come Easy Go
19. Judd and the Captain
The Captain is philosophical and behind him is a rack of blue Whitman coin albums.
They get the money in cash, lots of twenty dollar bills.
Easy Come Easy Go
20. Splitting up the cash
The four split the cash but then give all of it to Jo for her artist commune.
Elvis Presley as Ted Jackson
Dodie Marshall as Jo Symington
Pat Priest as Dina Bishop
Skip Ward as Gil Carey
Pat Harrington as Judd Whitman
Director: John Rich
Writers: Allan Weiss, Anthony Lawrence
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