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Duel in the Sun (1946)
The Mysterious Egyptian Magic Coin becomes a movie star
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The 1946 David Selznick film "Duel in the Sun", displays the famous Egyptian Magic Coin
as a "purity medal" presented to a young girl.
The film stars Jennifer Jones as Pearl Chavez, Joseph Cotten as Jesse McCanles,
Gregory Peck as Lewton 'Lewt' McCanles, Lionel Barrymore as Sen. Jackson McCanles,
and Walter Huston as the 'Sin Killer' preacher.
This was a major Hollywood film, sometimes called the "Gone with the Wind" of Westerns.
Both films were produced by the Selznick Studios.
In the film, the "Sin Killer", a local preacher, gives the beautiful sexy "half-breed" Pearl
the coin as a medal which will protect her from "sin".
It doesn't work.
Duel in the Sun
1. Title
The ranch owner has two sons, one good (Joseph Cotton) and one bad (Gregory Peck).
Jennifer Jones plays Pearl, a "bad girl" who wants to be "good".
But being "good" just isn't part of her nature.
Gregory Peck wants to help her exploit her "bad" side.
Duel in the Sun
2. Pearl arrives
Duel in the Sun
3. Ranch sign
Duel in the Sun
4. Lewton McCanles, the "bad" brother
Duel in the Sun
5. Jesse McCanles, the "good" brother
Duel in the Sun
6. The "Sin Killer" prays for Pearl's "purity"
Duel in the Sun
7. The "Sin Killer" gives Jennifer Jones the medal to protect her from "sin"
The medal appears in close-up:
Duel in the Sun
8. The medal side has an Egyptian Pharaoh on it.
Duel in the Sun
9. The medal side has an Egyptian Sphinx and Pyramids on it.
The medal is an "Egyptian Magic Coin" medallion about the size of a US 50-cent coin.
It looks like it is made of white metal or is silver-plated.
The relief on the medal is very flat and appears to be worn.
An Egyptian Magic Coin:
Egyptian Magic Coin generic
10. Egyptian Magic Coin
Gold colored bronze, 32mm, 8.35gm
Obverse: Pharaoh seated on throne surrounded by heiroglyphs
Reverse: Sphinx with pyramids and sunburst behind
These items were originally produced in the early 1900's as watch fobs by the Sears company.
Later the medallions were produced separately, possibly in the 1920's as part of the
"Egyptian Revival" fashion after the discovery of King Tut's tomb made news all over the world.
They come in various sizes and with and without loops.
For more information on these items, please visit: The Mysterious Egyptian Magic Coin
Duel in the Sun
11. Pearl on the floor wearing her medal
She is doing some cleaning when someone enters.
Duel in the Sun
12. Lewton smirks
He shows up with his cigarette, ready for action.
Duel in the Sun
13. Pearl is wearing her medal
Her welcoming smile lets Gregory know it isn't working.
After many events, the pair head out to the desert for a final rendezvous at the "Stone Face".
Duel in the Sun
14. The pass an old mission
Actually the Arizona San José Tumacácori Spanish Mission, built in 1691.
Duel in the Sun
15. The Stone Face
Duel in the Sun
16. Pearl gets her gun
Duel in the Sun
17. Lewton shot
Duel in the Sun
18. Together
Jennifer Jones as Pearl Chavez
Joseph Cotten as Jesse McCanles
Gregory Peck as Lewton 'Lewt' McCanles
Lionel Barrymore as Sen. Jackson McCanles
Herbert Marshall as Scott Chavez
Lillian Gish as Laura Belle McCanles
Walter Huston as The Sinkiller
Director: King Vidor
Writers: David O. Selznick, Niven Busch (novel)
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