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The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
Diamonds as money
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The 1951 Twentieth Century Fox film "The Day the Earth Stood Still" has a scene where a
visitor to Washington DC shows a boy some diamonds and tells him that they are used for money
where he comes from.
The film stars Michael Rennie as the visitor, Patricia Neal as Helen Benson, a Federal civil servant,
and Billy Gray as her son Billy.
An immediate problem with this kind of money is that small diamonds are easily lost.
In one scene Helen's boyfriend finds one of the diamonds and takes it to a jeweler,
leading to all kinds of problems for Helen and the visitor.
Day the Earth Stood Still
1. Title
Day the Earth Stood Still
2. Visitor showing his "money"
Day the Earth Stood Still
3. Diamonds are a tourist's best friend
Day the Earth Stood Still
4. Visitor exchanges diamonds for paper money, kid examines the goods
Day the Earth Stood Still
5. A problem with using diamonds for money, they're small and easy to lose
Michael Rennie as Klaatu
Patricia Neal as Helen Benson
Hugh Marlowe as Tom Stevens
Sam Jaffe as Professor Jacob Barnhardt
Billy Gray as Bobby Benson
Director: Robert Wise
Writers: Edmund H. North, Harry Bates (story)
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