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Coin Heist (2017)
Students break into the Philadelphia Mint and make coins
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The 2017 NetFlix (Adaptive Studios) film "Coin Heist" is about a group of four modern-day
private high school students who break into the United States Philadelphia Mint to manufacture artificial
error coins, intending to sell them to coin collectors.
The students need the money to keep their school open after the father of one of the students embezzled
and lost $10,000,000 in school funds.
No real United States coins are shown in this film but a prop coin based on a rejected Michigan state
quarter dollar (25 cents) coin is used. Also shown are some minting equipment and coin dies.
Coin Heist
1. Title
Dennington Prep is a private high school located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The school art class students are taken to the United States Philadelphia Mint for a tour.
Coin Heist
2. Philadelphia Mint field trip
The Philadelphia Mint was founded in 1792 and is the oldest of all US mints.
Coin Heist
3. Mint employee explains error coins
A mint official explains the manufacturing process for coins and also explains that while few error coins
get out of the mint, those that do can be sold to collectors for sometimes lots of money.
Coin Heist
4. School metal sculpture
The school's arge metal abstract sculpture serves as a student meeting spot.
Coin Heist
5. The Gang of Four - Jason, Benny, Dakota, Alice
The four students who plan the operation are Jason, a musician and artist, Benny, a machinist,
Dakota, a school socialite, and Alice, a computer expert and "hacker".
They hear a story about a mint employee who surreptitiously manufactured some error coins
which were sold for a lot of money.
The four believe that 2000 error quarters would sell for $5,000 each making the $10,000,000 to
re-fund the school.
Coin Heist
6. Wildlife of America coin pamphlet
The quarter they pick to use is from a (fictional) "Wildlife of America" series of coins, a Michigan State
coin with the design of a fish being hooked by a fisherman.
Alice goes to work trying to figure a way to get into the mint.
Coin Heist
7. Alice at work
She is able to get into a private mint computer and finds some information.
Coin Heist
8. Coin die location
Alice finds a map showing the location of coin dies. The plan is to create an "error" coin die,
take it to the mint, and strike the coins.
Benny, the machinist, works on the die to add "errors".
Coin Heist
9. Altering the die
Alice gets some other information about mint projects.
Coin Heist
10. Other mint projects
The future projects include the (fictional) Medal of Honor Medallion, Nixon Nickel,
Wildlife of America Michigan State coin, Sitting Bull One Dollar Coin, and the Trump Wooden Nickel.
Benny finishes his work on the die.
Coin Heist
11. Creating the die
The four head for the mint posing as workers for a HVAC (heating vent and air-conditioning)
company, but school activities force them to make multiple trips in pairs.
They make a mistake in the stamping and produce 20,000 coins instead of 2,000.
Coin Heist
12. Manufactured coins
The prop coins appear to have the same design on both sides.
A pair of real HVAC men show up causing the mint guards to do a search of the building.
Coin Heist
13. Mint guards searching
The four students are able to get their coins out of the mint in boxes, which would require
some heavy lifting as 20,000 US clad quarters would weight around 250 lbs.
Mr. Rankin, an officious teacher, has been following the students as he has been wondering
why they have been hanging out with each other. He confronts the students and brings them
to the school principal (headmaster).
Coin Heist
14. In the principal's office
The students know that they are in serious trouble.
Coin Heist
15. The principal proposes a solution
The students explain their scheme and the reason they did it to the principal.
They are surprised when he offers to fence the original 2,000 coins for them and agrees to
give the money to the school.
The principal tells them to get rid of the other 18,000 coins, which they do.
Coin Heist
16. Coin distribution
Jason hands out souvenir quarters to the other members.
Coin Heist
17. School artwork addition
The sculpture has gained an additional piece made from the rest of the quarters.
Alex Saxon as Jason
Alexis G. Zall as Alice
Sasha Pieterse as Dakota
Jay Walker as Benny
Michael Cyril Creighton as Mr. Rankin
Director: Emily Hagins
Writer: Emily Hagins, Elisa Ludwig (novel)
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