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The Burglar (1957)
US silver quarters in hand
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The 1957 Columbia Pictures film "The Burglar" is about a group of three men and a woman
who steal a valuable necklace from a house and have problems selling it.
The films stars Dan Duryea as the "burglar" and Jayne Mansfield as his adopted daughter.
An early scene in the film has Jayne Mansfield visit a mansion where she gives two silver quarters
to the woman who owns the place in hopes of getting a tour.
1. Title and Dan Duryea
Dan Duryea is the head of a small gang of burglars, one of whose members is Jayne Mansfield.
Dan and Jayne grew up together as Dan was adopted by Jayne's father, a professional burglar,
who taught Dan the trade.
Jayne is sent to "case" a mansion belonging to Sister Sara, the leader of a spiritualist cult.
She visits the mansion, hands fifty cents to Sara, and asks for guidance and a tour.
2. Jayne hands change to Sister Sara
The quarters in hand are real United States quarters (twenty-five cent coins).
3. Quarters in hand
There was a Treasury regulation which forbade the showing of real money in films then.
Apparently this film didn't interest the Treasury Department.
Jayne reports back to the gang hideout with a map.
4. Burglar gang Peter, Mickey, Jayne, Dan
The men head to the mansion in a car and break in.
They find a safe, drill it, and remove a necklace worth $160,000.
Dan sees two policemen looking at his car, leaves the house, and tells the cops
that his car broke down and that he will sleep in it until morning and then look for a garage.
5. Dan stopped by cops
One of the policemen, Charlie, will turn up later.
Dan and the gang head for a small old house as a hideout while they arrange for a "fence"
to handle the necklace.
Dan's two partners have been making passes at Jayne and he sends Jayne to Atlantic City.
Dan has to get out of the house, he heads to a bar where he is picked up by Martha.
6. Dan gets picked up by Martha
Martha is working for officer Charlie, who is now revealed as a crooked cop.
Dan and his partners drive to New Jersey, but, while crossing a bridge, are stopped by a state trooper.
Mickey shoots him and is killed by another officer.
Dan and Peter dump the car near Atlantic City and walk to the beach.
Jayne, staying in Atlantic City, has found a boyfriend, Charlie again.
Dan visits Jayne, sees and recognizes Charlie, and hides the necklace at her place.
Charlie follows Dan to find out where he is staying.
7. Charlie watches Dan
Charlie is holding the September 1955 issue of Esquire, a men's magazine of the period.
Charlie and Martha head for Dan's hideout and kill Peter in a fight.
They ask Dan where the necklace is.
8. Charlie and Martha discuss things with Dan
Dan tells them that Jayne has the necklace.
Dan finds Jayne and they head for an amusement park, followed by Charlie.
9. Jayne and Dan at Atlantic City amusement park
Spotting Charlie, Dan and Jayne hide in the "Fun House".
10. Dan and Jayne in the Fun House
Dan and Jayne head for an amusement pier and Charlie catches up with them.
11. Charlie trades Jayne for the necklace
He agrees to let Jayne go if Dan gives him the necklace which he does.
Charlie has called the local police department and several men arrive.
Charlie shoots Dan, Martha becomes upset and tells the local police that Charlie is crooked.
The cops find the necklace on Charlie and handcuff him.
Dan's body is driven away.
12. The End
Dan Duryea as Nat Harbin
Jayne Mansfield as Gladden
Peter Capell as Baylock
Mickey Shaughnessy as Dohmer
Martha Vickers as Della
Stewart Bradley as Charlie (policeman)
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writer: David Goodis
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