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Buffalo Bill (1944)
Indian Head cent, silver dollar, and Congressional Medal
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The 1944 Twentieth Century Fox film "Buffalo Bill" is about the Western hero and Wild West Show promoter William Cody, known as "Buffalo Bill".
The film shows an Indian Head cent, an unusual event at the time when the showing of actual
United States currency or coins in films was prohibited by the US Treasury Department.
The film stars Joel McCrea as William 'Buffalo Bill' Cody and Maureen O'Hara as Louisa Cody.
The film also shows a "Congressional Medal", later known as the "Medal of Honor",
and some other old US medals.
The film is set in the 1880's, there are many American Indians in the story and the film portrays them
Buffalo Bill
1. Title
Buffalo Bill
2. Buffalo Bill arrives
The film begins with an Indian attack on a wagon.
Buffalo Bill Cody rides up and chases them off.
He is well known as a man who has lived with Indians and knows their customs.
He meets the beautiful Louisa Frederici, her father, and US Cavalry Sergeant Chips.
He explains that the Indians were reservation Indians who had been drinking and were only
fooling around.
Buffalo Bill
3. Buffalo Bill
Buffalo Bill
4. Louisa Frederici
Ned Buntline is a famous writer of Western stories.
Bill meets him and Schyler Vandervere, an Eastern railway magnate.
Buffalo Bill
5. Cody meets Ned Buntline
Cody has known a Cheyenne Indian chief named Yellow Hand, and once saved his life.
Cody negotiates a land treaty with Yellow Hand, which is soon broken by the whites.
Large numbers of hunters have invaded the tribal lands and have begun shooting buffalo for sport.
Buffalo Bill
6. Buffalo hunt poster
The Indians are upset as they have many uses for buffalo.
The Sioux and Cheyenne call a war party, led by Sioux Chief Crazy Horse and
Cheyenne Chief Yellow Hand.
Buffalo Bill
7. Crazy Horse and Yellow Hand
The two tribes decide to join forces to fight the white invaders.
Crazy Horse reports that the Sioux have already dealt with Custer.
Buffalo Bill
8. Indian ceremonial "War Dance"
Cody reluctantly joins a Cavalry unit as a scout.
His wife leave him and returns to her home in the East.
The Cavalry rides out to battle the Indians.
Buffalo Bill
9. Chief Yellow Hand rides up for battle
Buffalo Bill
10. Cavalry and Indian battle
During the battle Cody and Yellow Hand fight and Cody overpowers the Indian.
Later Cody is invited to Washington, DC so that the US President can present him
with the "Congressional Medal" for bravery during the battle.
Sergeant Chips receives a notice that he is being retired.
Buffalo Bill
11. Sergeant Chips packs this things
His medals hang on a wall.
Buffalo Bill
12. Sergeant Chips' medals on wall
One medal has Abraham Lincoln on it.
Cody has become a celebrity, thanks to Ned Buntline writing about him.
Buffalo Bill
13. Magazine with Buntline story about Cody
Buffalo Bill
14. Cody and Ned meet again in Washington
Cody is invited to give a speech to a group of businessmen led by Schyler Vandervere,
who wants to develop the West.
Buffalo Bill
15. Astor hotel speakers platform
Vandervere wears a gold octagonal watch fob which resembles a fifty dollar "slug".
He quotes a general that "the only good Indian is a dead one".
Buffalo Bill
16. Buffalo Bill speech
Cody gives a speech defending the Indian and accusing the businessmen of causing the
"Indian Wars" for profit.
Cody pulls an Indian Head cent out and tells the audience that:
"The only Indian you are familiar with is the one on the penny".
He then throws the coin onto the table.
Buffalo Bill
17. The Indian Head cent on the table
The date on the coin appears to be 1880.
An 1880 Indian Head cent:
United States cent 1880
18. Indian Head cent 1880
Vandervere tries to "ruin" Cody by encouraging stories that he was not a hero,
and his agents damage Cody financially.
Cody is broke and wanders into an amusement arcade which has a shooting gallery.
Buffalo Bill
19. Amusement arcade
Cody throws his medal onto a table and bets that he can shoot all of the targets.
Buffalo Bill
20. Cody's Congressional Medal
A policeman sees the medal and believes that the man is an impostor.
Cody demonstrates his shooting abiltiy.
Buffalo Bill
21. Cody demonstrates shooting
The arcade owner makes Cody an offer.
Buffalo Bill
22. New arcade exhibit
The arcade owner has a standing offer of $1,000 to anyone who is willing to hold a silver dollar
in their fingers and allow Cody to shoot it without harming the holder.
Buffalo Bill
23. Arcade barker holding silver dollar
A woman steps up to take the challenge.
Buffalo Bill
24. Louisa holding coin
Louisa trusts Cody's shooting ability and she substitutes a smaller coin.
Buffalo Bill
25. Louisa holding Indian Head cent
Cody and Louisa then get back together.
Cody has become a hero to children.
Buffalo Bill
26. Bill and kids
Cody decides to open his famous Wild West Show.
Buffalo Bill
27. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
The show runs for many years for audiences all over the US and Europe.
Among the later watcher is US President Theodore Roosevelt.
Buffalo Bill
28. Theodore Roosevelt applauds
Buffalo Bill decides to retire and he gives a farewell speech at his last performance.
Buffalo Bill
29. Buffalo Bill retires
Buffalo Bill
30. The End
For Victory
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Joel McCrea as William 'Buffalo Bill' Cody
Maureen O'Hara as Louisa Frederici Cody
Thomas Mitchell as Ned Buntline
Anthony Quinn as Chief Yellow Hand
Director: William A. Wellman
Writers: Aeneas MacKenzie, Clements Ripley, Cecile Kramer, Frank Winch
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